The Great STEM Lie?

What do they define as a STEM job? I don’t think most people would consider supply chain a STEM job since “engineer” isn’t in most of the job titles. Most people that excel in supply chain have engineering degrees and use the knowledge a lot. Most of them started their career as engineers and were more extrovert than most engineers. That’s how they migrated into supply chain where they get to work with other people a lot more.

I think people with an engineering degree can handle just about any functional area if it interests them. I’ve seen rotational programs where engineers rotate into marketing and kill it. I’ve never seen a rotational program where marketing, HR, finance, etc rotate into engineering. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew engineering had a high starting salary and plenty of jobs. I knew if I could handle the school work for that, then I’d be able to do anything else I wanted.


Shouldn’t they focus more on “employment rate and average salary” of STEM graduates than “what % of STEM graduates really work in STEM field”?
I know a few of math/physics/CS graduates who work for Investment Banks, become business school professors or patent attorneys.
Anyway, the main point of article was “American H1B victim” and I disagree with author’s point of view.
Without H1B, world’s tech center may move from SV/Seattle/Texas/etc to somewhere in Asia.


H1B here is just a glimpse of how tough the competition is outside the US.
American STEM grads need to step it up to even stand a chance competing with outside talent. Just getting a degree in STEM will not quite make the cut.
I know many many folks with BS degree,who came from outside USA to do Masters in CS, Electronics, electrical, etc. here. Masters was a cake walk for them, after the BS grind back in their country. They could do it with eyes closed, they were already thinking what to do next after getting the masters degree,
Competition is fierce, you need to step up and stop whining about 85K H1B visas every year. 85K number is nothing compared to the number of job openings across USA in technology.

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Well said

No lie!!!

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Maybe forget what I said about picking up a hammer…

Jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics appear to be a major driver behind the increase in median income over the past two years.

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Democratic priorities collide, as legislators side with unions over high-tech companies that are driving California’s economy. Never underestimate the ability of liberals to destroy the Tech economic engine

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Catch that waterspout in your neck of the woods, @Elt1?

You could replace high-tech with automotive and California with Detroit to explain what happened. They thought they could freely increase taxes on the job creating companies, and they’d blindly pay it. Then they’d use that money for all their liberal dreams. Only the companies started to leave and what you have left is a disaster.

Is Bay Area like Detroit? Or are we the new NYC? I bet the second.

Heard about the water spout. Had a fabulous summer.Which is almost over . Already snowed at Kirkwood… Ready for snow ski season. Waterskiing early today… Probably last day of the season for me…

Just got back from the Reno air races. What a great event… lasts til Sunday… Went with an ex Navy pilot… Cool planes some from WW2… Even the U2 spy plane… Got to go inside several active military aircraft… very inspiring patriotic event… The jets were racing at 500mph 200 ’ off the ground

America is the richest country in the world. Bay Area is the richest metro in America. Yes, we are living in the dream world fantasy land, in case y’all haven’t noticed… :wink:


Woohoo, maybe some of that money going towards Algebra???

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I put this in two threads…

Why teach algebra??? That’s for losers!!! Teach them a course in house flipping instead… :rofl:


Look, our Fearless Leader is obsessed with Algebra being served along with the graham crackers and milk, so we are obsessed with Algebra…

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This titan is not thinking STEM for his future…