The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


Biggest problem in the Sunset is soft story issues.
Most probably need a steel frame around the garage door…
No shear walls in the front of these structures…
Typical problem throughout SF


Well, according to my pseudo cousin who is a big time house flipper and appraisal company owner, he said city legislation on soft story retrofitting on less than 4 units or whatever the current min law is, is coming. Are you happy now? Will you be able to rest soundly now, knowing that all Sunset homes will one day be retrofitted so much that if an ant died in an earthquake our BOS would be up in arms…


Sounds like a make work project for structural engineers.
Probably overkill… Like you said you are safe enough.
I guess when houses are worth $1.5m if makes sense to pump $19k into another seismic upgrade…


That thing still there? :sweat_smile:


24 days without a post. You are not updating us sfdragonboy!


I thought you saw something online that I didn’t get around to post yet, but I am not seeing anything. Blame the lawyers for non news!!!

Besides, wifey left as of yesterday, so I need to focus on where my next meal is coming from, the local take-out or my own hands. Last night, I resorted to having fresh Dungeness crab since it is easy to make and it is somewhat reasonably priced. Probably not a good idea to eat crab for the next 21 days though…


Ok, happy now, @sheriff???


Still standing up? :sweat_smile:


Just barely…



So, still standing there, but…sell! Sell baby! :wink:


When they are $100k per unit I will buy


So you’re the new generation of prepper?

You’re all ready to go looting if the shtf? :grin:


Just the price that early adopters often pay. :grinning:



They are kicking it while it’s down…


Shoot, I was already waken up quite easily by this morning’s 4.4 earthquake. Imagine you being in oh say floor 45 in a building that is already sinking and tilting…not good


That was a scary one… I think my heart started beating 3 times faster during that ordeal… :scream:



Ok, Mr Usually Tough Restaurant Critic likes. A reason for the residents to stay in the Leaning Tower???