The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


He meant none of the buildings are sound when the big one hits… :scream:


I have a feeling that you would be singing a way different tune if you were an owner of a unit there…


I am ready for the big one. Are you??
I would never buy in a high rise… Urban living ain’t my thing


You don’t even live here… the only big one you need to be ready for is your own demise… :rofl:


I live in a two story, earthquake retrofitted home a block away from many restaurants, grocery stores including Safeway and the fire station is about oh 3-4 blocks away. Yes, I think am quite ready.


Wait… how are those grocery stores supposed help??? :rofl:


Well, if something dramatic happens at least I can still grab some edible foods to survive no? At least I don’t live in some mountainous enclave, cut off from civilization, perhaps for days. Believe me, if something big ever happened, places like that would not be on anyone’s radar. Case in point: Puerto Rico.


Um… I would think those grocery stores would become quite useless in such an event because those buildings would have gotten toppled over…


Safeway is one story (mostly excluding parking) and I can survive on dry cereal and canned foods for eons…


Um… ok… :laughing:


Grasshopper, it is not whether I can survive absolutely but whether I can outrun you from the charging bear…

From the last big one, our family home in Chinatown did not have PGE for several days. Did we starve? Heck no…


That last big one wasn’t that big. Bigger one coming…


Relatively speaking, I am not worried. See, unlike the idiot developer at the MT, when I gutted my Sunset home on the rebuild I took the opportunity to do some earthquake reinforcing. Do it while it is open. Construction Mantra #1. Everyone knows that. Why did I lay my home network lines then? Why did I lay my wiring for piped in music in every room of the house? Besides, what tall buildings do you have around you in the Sunset? Me, none, and I am on a corner lot fairly far away from neighboring homes. I will die from the loneliness before anything else…


Hate to burst your bubble of security but doing seismic upgrades also means putting shear walls through out the house. Something nobody does unless they add a second story


I think my 2 story home in SF is kind of flimsy. None of those fancy reinforcements. However it is attached to neighbors’ homes. So i think I’m just going to rely on my neighbors’ homes for support in such an event… :rofl:


Oh, I did do that too, if you mean using plywood sandwiched under the drywall on all the exterior walls of the ground floor. Come on, @Elt1, what do you take me for, an amateur???


All exterior walls and most interior from foundation to the roof… based on an engineers structural analysis. Floors and roof need plywood too… Almost impossible to make a Sunset home meet current code specs…


Being a tad knit-picky aren’t we @Elt1??? No one is going to die from an earthquake in a 2 story Sunset home!!! Come on!!!


No but it bugs me that Earthquake retrofit companies are not forthright… They are upgrading foundation connections only… A full seismic retrofit to current code is nearly impossible… Makes adding a second story extremely expensive…


Sue me!!!


An Earthquake Retrofit Contractor Who Admits To Be Not Exactly Forthright