The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


Is this illegal? Buy unit, sue HOA. Pending litigation, people don’t buy. You buy for cheap. Settle litigation. Profit.


Why would anyone in his/her right mind take a shot at this one? Imagine how long the litigation and lawsuits will last while all of the lawyers get rich determining who is really at fault. Honestly, there are probably easier ways to profit from real estate around here with way fewer headaches. The only reason why I am anywhere close to this building is that my work is nearby. I can work from home more but I am old school I like to come in. Too many diversions at home.


In this case no, I’m talking about other developments and “fake” litigation that you can drop at any time


Well, well, well…smart or dumb move???


Supposedly the court cases get going in 2017… man, if I had the time, I wouldn’t mind being on the jury for any of the lawsuits. Should be interesting…


Just buy one unit, you’ll have a much deeper experience than jury.

If there is big discount and an affordable price, I would buy one unit today.



I, as a SF taxpayer, better not be paying…


Considering that the recession hit just as they were in the midst of building, it’s not hard to see why the developer possibly went cheap and withheld info. Terrible work by the city but I don’t think they are to blame.

We never heard back on the soils investigation.


Obviously, everyone is suing every pocket there is (deep or shallow) just to cover all bases. Good times if you are a lawyer or as you mentioned a geologist or landfill expert…:grin:



A perfect example of why I hate condo developments - the HOA!!! You are at the mercy of this association. Why would anyone want that???


Sorry gang, this thread is going to continue for awhile… (or if one of the following happens: our Fearless Leader gets tired of my San Tung raves and ousts me or if Trump somehow really really F’s up and gets us into a nuclear pissing contest…)


Mediation is confidential. SOP.
No blame on the HOA.


Yeah, fine, I get it about the mediation but still why buy a property that has a governing body that dictates pretty much what you can do to your own property? I’ll pass…


Ok, if the city says it is fine, it must be fine…right??? Yeah, let’s just stop the lawsuits and just go with it. A little settling, that’s all it is. Move along, people…:grin:


You are expecting to much from a city run by communists…They are more concerned about geopolitics than buildings. …Now if it was housing for the homeless they would be much more concerned. …


God, what now??? Oh, it stinks too…no… it REALLY stinks, too



An engineer from UC Berkeley who was one of two experts who originally certified Millennium Tower’s design as structurally sound said this week that the builders of the luxury project should have hired a geotechnical expert if they wanted to be certain about the soil’s building strength.

WOW, just WOW…


Of course, bring in Trump’s lawyer too while you’re at it…let’s make it a real party!!!