The Leaning Tower Of San Francisco


The peer review was done by structural engineers only…No peer review by a soils engineer. .I am both…They should have hired me…My first job was a soils engineering inspector for the pile driving at SF airport…BTW soils engineers and structural engineers hate each other as much as they both hate architects…Looks like there was poor coordination…


This goes back to my original 1st post: developer was penny wise and will end up tons foolish. Who builds on landfill and earthquake country without hiring a soil engineer?


They had a soils engineer, but it look like they didn’t hire one for peer review



Sure, lawyers have to eat too right??? And this city ain’t cheap baby…


May be you should include in these updates the leaning crane of San Francisco.


You sissies.
In February 4, 1976, we suffered a 6.7 earthquake in Guatemala. 25,000+ people got killed.
I was sleeping on the top of the only 4 floor building in my home town. We used to sleep up there because you could see the starts. Mind you that there wasn’t any roof. We would throw our blankets and look at the sky, a UFO going by, an asteroide, etc.

So, that morning, the building is shaking big time, we wake up, and when we came to our senses… we were on the street…naked.

Yeah, your handsome guy here beat Superman on his way down.


(Damn it, I just saw your post right before hitting enter with that new thread…:slight_smile:)


Come on, handsome man, that is not exactly the same as a leaning 58 floor heavier than sheet building…


25,000 people died in it. That’s much more than will die in the Millennium Towers fiasco, if any do. And if you say the property value is much higher there, a poor home to a poor person is equal in value to a expensive home to a rich man.



My bad, certainly was not laughing about the deaths or implying anything about the property values. I grew up in Chinatown remember? You don’t have to tell me about coming up without a whole lot.


I would like to see you feeling the quake and walking calmly down the 4 floors without soiling your naked butt…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agreed, would not be a pretty sight. Certainly not the same as being right there but back in the 1989 quake I was in a glass office way up and man that was a decent shaker. Literally was rocking pretty good for well over 10-15 secs.


What? Man! I would have pooped my pants if I were above 4 floors. It must be so terrible being unable to fly down in a second.

I visited the Empire state many times, and I never got used to see the cars down below as if they were ants.


Not an update on the leaning lawsuits but interesting case about an evicted tenant…


The cases proves the building is safe…Like the judge said , if these people thought it wasn’t, they would move out…Now we get down to the real issue. …money…Just like the tenant, the plaintiffs just want money…They are fine with living a sinking building as long as they can live their free, or at a huge discount. …


So are you suggesting that the leaning is good… for say collecting golf balls???:slight_smile:


If they get a huge cash pay out, the settlement was good, pun intended. .The lean so far is 2"…Not noticeable for 600’ Alllowable tolerances could be 10 times that amount. .It will a long process. .see how it plays out…But by remaining in the building, the plaintiffs are hurting their case…


We had a meeting yesterday in a conference room facing the MT. Jokes aplenty. Someone pointed out the cool looking building nearby with the $40M penthouse or unit for sale. Crazy…



Still think this building is safe???