The most disguisting house in Campbell

My agent called me to let me know there is a house in Campbell that’s “affordable” but requires a lot of work.

Nothing prepares you for the smell that hits you long before you reach the front door. On the inside, there are no words to explain the flith and we weren’t sure if we were walking on carpet or dirtWe walked into a room and were trying to figure out if we were in a kitchen or a bathroom. A back bedroom with blue walls had tens of thousands of push pins in the walls, doors and closets.

@wuqijun this house is screaming for you


The house number is deterring me… :scream:

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Because of the 4? Seriously, this house needs you. Forget the 4, opportunity knocks for you. I almost wanted to force myself back inside to take a video walkthrough but I couldn’t do it.

This house is a screaming buy. :slight_smile:

Seriously, what’s the big deal with some smell and filth? If the house needs total remodel it needs total remodel. Focus on the bright side. Large lot, decent price, fewer competition (hopefully), and “a blank page to let your imagination run wild” …

Very, very smart move…

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Not everyone is a Cantonese :slight_smile:
Also bad in Mandarin :slight_smile: Everyday is your death anniversary? Very bad number for Chinese.

Worse. 1147 = Everyday is death anniversary

@wuqijun, our next project with @RealEstatebull?:wink:

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can i join, for the fun?

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Saw this home already. Definitely short on cash :slight_smile:

@wuqijun + @BAJacket + @RealEstatebull + @tomato = LOTS AND LOTS OF CASH!! :money_mouth_face:


@hanera to calculate the amount of cash.

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Google is full of mathematicians. None as good as me :genie: ?

we are hiring (i guess?)!!!

This will be a full time project for 1 yr. There are many easier projects/ low hanging fruits out there.

Agreed. Full time, very, very long and intensive project. My realtor and I laughed touring this place because we didn’t expect the inside to be that bad. It felt like a house you would see on an HGTV show. I don’t have that kind of cash to buy it and fix it up. I’m a little fish.

Sold way over asking…

Don’t be picky people! You want a house or not?


It’s funny to read you guys. One says buy it, another guy says “no way” while putting an offer on that property. :laughing:

Imagine you buy a house, you toured it and knowing it was your last chance to buy a home, you put an offer which is accepted. Upon close inspection, you find that they barely primed the walls, none the less the exterior, and you can see the old paint color through what we call pin holes or holidays in the painting field.

Then, in one room, 450 pin holes. And, the poor roach stuck to the wall that couldn’t escape the spraying machine when they painted that closet. :laughing:

One of you, or a group of you guys bought it, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: