The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few

This is how they justify socialism. No one person needs to be wealth, so the needs of many to have more money outweigh that person’s need to be wealthy.

Socialism is a product of envy . One of the 7 deadly sins. It is by definition evil.


Oh goodness. She’s only lived there 5 years. Move on. She probably hasn’t even finished unpacking yet.

Wow, Mrs. Newbie Homeowner coming down hard on a renter, her former self…:grinning:

Nimbyies are a nightmare everywhere

I’ve never treated my rental as if it were my own property. If I had, I’d have been happier living here, and I’d have a garden, fruit trees, and renovated bathrooms and kitchen much to my landlord’s chagrin.

And 5 years is nothing. At least in SF, the stories are people who lived there for 30 years. They have some serious time backing up their sentimentality.

5 years for a grandmother is what? 10% of her life? Less?

Wow, someone hands you some keys and you just turn…:grinning:

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At least Colorado won’t have rent control because of their state Supreme Court decisions

Look back at all of my posts here. I’ve never claimed that I support rent control or that renters are entitled to treat a property as if they’re entitled to continue living there. If I have, show me the post.

I have complained about my landladies because I feel it is illogical to refuse to let a renter improve the property for free, and it took me by surprise that such people exist.


I know you support landlords. But letting a tenant improve your property can be a mess. Most tenants will just cause problems. One got me in trouble with the building department. I have gotten to the point where I don’t even want them painting.

Besides once they do improvements tenants tend to think they have more rights. Like the right to be late with rent. No way.

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Depends on what kind of improvements.

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