The neighborhood behind Levi's Stadium Santa Clara

Anyone knows more about this neighborhood?Not sure what its called. Looks like an upcoming neighborhood. Kind of central with easy access to 237/101/880. Tech companies around. Wider streets, larger lots (compared to other areas) and cheaper houses

But the houses are cheaper on this side of Santa Clara as compared to main Santa Clara. There is Mission Park community where smaller 4 BD SFR are available. SFR with no backyards and shared drives.

What I could gather from the short visit is

  • Part of area is hemmed by creek and Amtrak line. One street to enter and exist (Agnew). The other side is ok though.
  • Possible Noise and parking related issues due to Levi’s stadium
  • Middle/High Schools are on other side of 101 (long commute)
  • Possible aircraft noise due to SJ airport (on the flight path)

Any other thoughts?

Are you talking along Lafayette? There are some rougher spots along there. I’m sure the whole are will gentrify if you’re looking for an investment property in an improving area. It’s one of the areas I’d target.

Yes, The area along Lafayette. From the way I understand it has two neighborhoods on each side. One is hemmed by the Amtrak line with only one entry through Agnew.

Not sure why this area is not popular. Got an access to 680 through Montague too.

The area between Agnew and Lick Mill should be free of Parking and Noise issues from Levi’s stadium too. Not sure if it’s in the flight path of SJ Airport and suffer from plane noise.

Crime issues? I see that TH in larger gated community along Lick Mill are priced ok. Because its more safe?

Could it be that during game times it gets hectic?

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Exactly. Who wants to live near a huge stadium? The noise from night concerts and traffic congestion would be a nightmare. Drunkard fans peeing out in open in your neighborhood. No thanks.

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The other side of the area is pretty far from the Stadium.

Here is one house in the neighborhood. Its a flip. Bought at 1.1M and Listed at 1.7M. Price reduce to 1.6M.

How much would a remodel like this cost?

Flip it added a 600 sf room. A new roof. A kitchen and bath. The flooring windows painting, appliance are the rest. Your contractor can do the rest math.
The only thing that stands out is the large acreage.

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