The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program

That’s how it is called right now. You know me, always joking.

It’s hard to read between the lines. Too much democrats here, republicans there.

What did you understand from all of this?

I understood:
1- No mandate?
2- No penalty for not being covered?
3- Lapse your policy and the insurance carrier will stick you with a 30% increase?
4- Pre-existing conditions will have a hard time to get empathy from the insurers, right?

So, no time for me to read the darn new healthcare program. Perhaps a smart person can tell me if that is a good one. Republicans had 7 years to draft a good one, right?

Ohhh…don’t tell me they didn’t have a drafted plan already? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, nobody is defending this precious healthcare program?

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Jason may be inarticulate. .But his point is should the government determine your coverage or should you?. .I had an inexpensive plan with high deductibles…When Obamacare came, I lost my coverage…The mandated coverage cost double…Now I looking for coverage again… $20k per year…Most of you all have employer coverage…You have no idea how us self employed were screwed…Sacrificed to give 10m unemployed, welfare recipients free Medical. …Basically now you have to pay a $13k penalty. Or pay 4 times what I paid before Medical and almost $10k deductible. .That is $30k if you actually need this overpriced useless insurance. .The reality is the most people just self medicate…Nobody can afford to go to the doctor anymore with these high deductibles and outrageous medical charges…Why isnt Trump and Obamacare fans going after these high costs…Medical cost control…Not rent control…


Coverage is paid according to your age, right? Bronze, Platinum, Gold packages, etc.

Then, it comes the second part that this worthless program is not going to cover (I understand), pre-existing conditions. If they do, it’s going to get very pricey, so much, you better start spending your money looking for a witch or the wizard of Oz somewhere because nobody is going to take you in for any coverage.

I bet this is a feature that is going to get yourself in trouble. With Obamacare, at least you could have been accepted at higher cost, but not with this new, out of the mill program, if you have a Pre-exC, you are done!

This was the opportunity to take the middlemen out of the picture. But the only picture, which I brought here to the forum was of Twhitler surrounded by the Insurance CEOs. And they certainly were laughing about it.

Keep in touch, I have something in the make on that regard. :smirk:

Congress still have to approve Trumpcare…In fact even he said it may not happen for a year…Whatever it is it will be different than proposed…The Trump negotiating technique is to demand more than he wants, scare the opposition and come off as crazy and unreasonable. .Then settle for more than he would have taken…Lets see how it plays out…It might piss off the electorate enough that the next President brings in single payer…In reality 80% are covered by employer plans and have no dog in the fight…Obamacare pitted us self employed against the poor…They got Medical, we got screwed…

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If that’s how you think it works, just stop. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

I may know more than a dumb republican congressmen, you know, the ones telling the poor people you better not buy your Iphone in order to pay for your insurance. What a bunch of idiots you guys elected. They are really a bunch of winners, that crappy replacement after 7 years of beaching? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you think that an 18 years old is going to pay the same premiums as a 65 yo…throw away that green stuff. Bring grandma and try to pay a few bucks for her coverage. Yes, of course…maybe they won’t charge her anything.

From now on, these are the choices you have according to the idiots in congress for your health plan.

You said plan is based on age. It’s not. Now you’re spinning in circles without making a single point.

Oh well, I hope you know how to read English. Not my forte.
Read the last line on this health plan.

I can read and understand that bronze, silver, gold, and platinum are not based on age.

I brought it as I found it.

"The American Health Care Act, as Republicans are calling it, would allow insurers to make premiums for older Americans five times what they charge younger workers ― provided that a state’s regulations allow for it. Obamacare had capped this ratio, known as an “age rating,” at 3 to 1."

This is entertaining. You still don’t realize it’s not related to age.

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What does that have to do with bronze, silver, gold, etc?

So, the CEOs will have more money to buy plenty of Iphones?

Concealed within the 123 pages of legislative verbiage and dense boilerplate of the House Republican bill repealing the Affordable Care Act are not a few hard-to-find nuggets. Here’s one crying out for exposure: The bill encourages health insurance companies to pay their top executives more.

It does so by removing the ACA’s limit on corporate tax deductions for executive pay. The cost to the American taxpayer of eliminating this provision: well in excess of $70 million a year. In the reckoning of the Institute for Policy Studies, a think tank that analyzed the limitation in 2014, that would have been enough that year to buy dental insurance under the ACA for 262,000 Americans, or pay the silver plan deductibles for 28,000.

Consumers across America should know that … they are not just chipping in to pay for the CEOs’ next new yacht.
— Then-Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) explains Obamacare’s CEO pay limit in 2010
As part of an effort to rein in soaring executive pay, the ACA decreed that health insurance companies could deduct from their taxes only $500,000 of the pay of each top executive. That’s a tighter restriction than the limit imposed on other corporations, which is $1 million per executive. The ACA closed a loophole for insurance companies enjoyed by other corporations, which could deduct the cost of stock options and other “performance-based” pay; for insurance companies, the deduction cap is $500,000 per executive, period.

The idea was to signal that the ACA, which cemented health insurance companies into the center of American healthcare, wasn’t a pure giveaway to the industry.

Try not to enter your age.

Who’s more entitled to an executive’s income? The exec earning it or tax payers that feel entitled to it? I’ll vote for the person that earns the money. If you want to talk exec comp at insurance companies, it works out to less than. $0.25/mo customer of that insurance company. So while it might make you feel good to make a big deal about it, you’re not going to lower the cost of healthcare by changing it.

Bronze, silver, and gold are related to what the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses are. They have nothing to do with age. Anyone of any age can get whatever plan they want.

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