The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


Classic move by the low cost option… Kaiser sucks!!!


How is your Trumpcare doing?

Taking care of everybody, and very cheap? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

It’s getting worse. I bet some of the homeless coming our way are a washout patients from another states that can’t support to have them institutionalized.

The government is going to be paying more $ for less insured Americans.

Trumpcare is the same lie as TPP. Or begging the military for funds for the wall paid for by Mexico? :sweat_smile:

The liar is breaking again, another campaign promise. Dishonest people can’t change, don’t they? :laughing:


Cities are simply giving up and sending the homeless or sick to the Fab 7x7 because we are so accepting. The fact is, we can’t continue to take them all in. We already spend a ginormous amount of servicing the homeless. Expecting a city sized 7x7 to be the answer to a national crisis is ridiculous.


There’s not as many homeless in SF as you think. Here’s a chart with the number of homeless in various cities. SF is #7.

SF just doesn’t take care of them as well, although they spend a ton of money on them.


Send them on a permanent vacation In Mexico. They are spending $40k per homeless person. Rest homes in Mexico cost $18k per year. For the healthy it is half that. Jails are even cheaper…We can pay Mexico to take care of them


Healthcare costs will bankrupt America unless we ration care (like socialized countries do) or convince people to live healthier. There’s no way costs are going lower when 50% of people have a chronic condition.