The one and only company, Part of Original DOW from 1896, getting dropped now!

GE was one of the original components of the Dow Jones industrial average of 30 stocks in 1896.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was created in 1896 by Charles Dow and originally consisted of 12 companies:

  • American Cotton Oil
  • American Sugar
  • American Tobacco
  • Chicago Gas
  • Distilling & Cattle Feeding
  • General Electric
  • Laclede Gas
  • National Lead
  • North American
  • Tennessee Coal and Iron
  • U.S. Leather pfd.
  • U.S. Rubber.

At the time, these companies represented each sector of the market and thus the Dow Jones illustrated the overall performance of the market in the United States.


My great grandpa should’ve bought some GE stocks and pass them down to me. :frowning:

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The DOW is a relic. Quickly becoming irrelevant.


Djia is an abomination.

I would rather have some tasty RE passed down to me, in say HK or in the Bay Area or Sea Cliff with a heck a sweet low annual property tax basis due to Prop 13 in part. My Mom’s annual tax bill for the family apartment building is like $1,500…

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at least she pays income tax on that money, no? state still gets a piece.

For sure, but that property tax bill is sweeeet. My god, I believe my San Bruno tax bill will probably be 10X that. Essentially incentivizes a family to never sell and simply hand property down to your future generations for income. Not to say that Prop 13 couldn’t one day be changed but there will be fight from folks like us with a low basis to protect. It is the gift that keeps on giving…


The good thing with never selling is the propped up tax basis too. they would never realize capital gains (to certain limit).


Absolutely! But there will be a future family member who ultimately has to buy that ferrari or unfortunately is down on his/her luck and the property has to go on the market. I tell my Big Bro all the time, there is absolutely no guarantees his kids wouldn’t sell the building for some reason, legit or not.

you could probably set up a trust to make sure that doesn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

and aren’t you giving your things to UCLA anyways?

They always do, if several siblings are involved.

Not the way the basketball team is playing…

@BAJacket still wants to be adopted by you…

Well, my Mom is old school so the building will ultimately end up with Big Bro since he carries our name and he has kids. We will need to sell or relinquish our shares to him. He can afford it…

adopt me.

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The fact the dow is price weighted and not market cap weighted shows how dated of an idea it is.

Sadly, my Mom would be ok with that…

What about your wife?

My wife def would not like someone new muscling in on her moola…