The one gallon paint can needs a DRASTIC redesign

I am a Student in a high-school engineering program. I see many flaws with the current one gallon paint can design. I think that it doesn’t do a good job at conserving leftover paint until the next time it is used. I am looking to redesign the one gallon paint can to make the paint have a longer shelf life after being used and then stored. If anyone could click on the link and answer this short research survey it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Survey Link:

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Sorry, work firewall says NO!!! (maybe tonight…)

Great idea, hope you’ll can improve it

You need to make the survey world accessible.

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Who cares about the can…It is the delivery system that matters…Figure out the cheapest fastest way to get it out of the can and on the wall…

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Said like a man who has painted one too many walls :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Following the argument to its logical conclusion is no need for paint :grinning:

Been painting the last three days…Lucky to have a $12/h helper…much more effective than a spray gun…

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Wood walls (aka Eichler) or plaster.

Surprising paint business is very lucrative.

Goh Cheng Liang, the third richest man in Singapore, make his fortune in paint!

After making some money in paint, he tries to diversify into hotel, entertainment, departmental stores, manufacturing, real estate development, and PC business. He tries to modernize the Chinese concept of family run business into more modern management by employing a top notch management team… finally he gave up, sold all these diversified business and bought over the remaining rights from his Japanese partner and focus fully in paint, and paint only; of course, go back to old fashioned Chinese family run concept. Since then his net worth rose from below $1B to over $7B… paint is a good business.

One more thing, Got Cheng Liang is an old fashioned Chinese i.e. boss of the business is also the head of family of his employees. He handed over his empire to his son who got the top notch management team. This super duper management fired many of his old lieutenants as they are deemed out-dated and irrelevant, Cheng Liang set up a company to re-employ these old lieutenants, paid their last draw pay and told them to come and leave office whenever they want, and just tell him what they want to do and what his business should do… they told him to re-focus to paint business only :slight_smile:

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They sell more paint if there’s more waste. Have you seen this?

Painters in Tahoe put on a ski mask when bidding…Repainted the interior of a 1650s 4/2 with $300 in labor and $200 in paint…Locals contractors would have charged $3k…Plus I walled off a study, created a 4th bedroom…Plus new carpet for $2200…Did the sheetrock and framing myself and hung a door…Way more fun than painting. .My $12/h guy is great… of course he smoked pot and drank beer…after all it is Tahoe…lol…I did prep and logistics he rolled on the paint

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You can’t redesign a can of paint without sacrificing the very core of the problem, the lid. Enough said.

Since we’re on the subject of paint, I’ll mention that this is the absolute worst logo for the 21st century. I cringe every time I see it.