The Rampaging Pigs of the San Francisco Bay Area

NYT: The Rampaging Pigs of the San Francisco Bay Area

With the exception of the occasional aggressive coyote, the animals that roam the hills and gullies of the Bay Area — turkeys, mountain lions, deer, bobcats, foxes and the rest of a veritable Noah’s Ark — find themselves on somewhat laissez-faire terms with the humans around them.

Not so for the rampaging feral pigs. They are tearing up lawns, ripping through golf course fairways, threatening the drinking water and disturbing the harvests at Napa vineyards. Many Californians want them dead.

“They are a pest to just about everybody and everything,” said Eric Sklar, member of the California Fish and Game Commission who helped write a bill introduced last week in the state legislature that would make it easier for hunters to kill feral pigs. “They’re very, very destructive.”

Can Texas and California agree on issue of feral pigs?

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never get between a Californian and their lawn…

j/k - they are super destructive, even to eco systems around them

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Those feral pigs are apparently quite tasty - i have a friend who hunts them for food. Easy solution there.

Good for braising and soup?

Gotta leave the house! I’m sure you have some roaming in your parks and trails lol

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