The Reason for the high housing price in SF

It takes more years to get a housing proposal approved than USA winning the world war II

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Builders have given up. Much easier to move and work somewhere else.

Captures the mood of NIMBY’ism pretty well. It’s all about me me me.


It’s more than NIMBY’ism. SF’s rent controlled tenants are against new housing development and fear about neighborhood improvement. They want to keep the neighborhood as a dump and close the border for other people. It is a border wall mentality, abusing the planning commission power.

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The way forward is to take zoning and planning power away from local cities and consolidates at the state level. Enough of these local bandits holding people hostage.

Zoning and planning was invented by the white people to keep people of color out of their neighborhood. Now SF is using it to keep middle class people out of the neighborhood and keep only poverty in town.

Single family zoning was suspiciously against people of color in the old days. Multi-family was mostly for poor people and minorities. But now young people stay single or do not have kids for decades, so these young people are moving to the multi-family neighborhood to replace the poor and the immigrants. If a person does not have kids until 35 years old, that’s 17 years of multi-family life for each person.

You can easily label SF’s zoning and planning as racist, I think it is very accurate.

Extreme democracy sucks. Abuse of democracy is sad.

State control works in China and Russia.
In California state control means more regulation and less buildings built.

CA state as a whole is much more moderate politically than SF and Berkeley.

But state control would be disasters to South Lak Tahoe and Fresno. Overall it could be worse than local control because the poor cities can’t afford. SF can afford its own restrictive and wasteful policies