The Richmond Strikes Back!

Ok, Mr. Clark (The Front Steps), perhaps I was too quick to declare the Sunset the defacto winner over the Richmond…

Dang, the #1 home on his Overbid list…51.30% over asking!!! 2.1M!!! Impressive!!!

Richmond is always more expensive than Sunset. Not surprised.

Owner can walk to Dragon Beaux everyday…oh how I envy thee :slight_smile:

How much kickback you getting from Dragon Beaux? San Tung is paying me…

According to info, zoning is RH2. But $700k over asking!!! Who does that???

Crazy San Francisco bidders.

Dang, sold for 3M!!! Buyer said phooey to the 4’s!!!

That’s a bit much, wouldn’t you say? There’s the obvious “44” and seeing it getting squeezed from both sides by the 2 neighbors just makes me wonder why they wasted all those space up front…

Yes, while certainly big (5/4, +3k sq ft) the way that it is built (not the design itself, which is nice) smaller vs the neighbors is not good feng shui and a waste quite frankly. One would think if this building is newer that they would have chosen to build it out so that at least comparable to the others. To be setback some, is not going to give you any more privacy, is it? Causes shadows too. At 3M, rip off!!! The seller won the lottery!!!

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Pretty big outer Richmond remodel goes for nearly 1.6M, a mere 136K over the very Chinese list price of 1,428,888…

Duct tape??? Ok…

Ok, the former Mrs. Jason Chan making her mark in the Richmond!!! According to her postcard, multiple offers at the 1.695M LA!!!

Former? How’d you know?

Please. I am SFDRAGONBOY!!!

Show me a picture of former Mrs. Chan.


Now is Mrs V Chan.

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Sorry, threw out postcard with the Monday trash already…

(You are more than welcome to look through my recycling can before oh 7am for that picture)

Which one is it?

a) meh, picture not worth keeping


b) picture is too hot to stay at home. throw it in trash before honey starts asking questions.

Tidbit: I know her from my past…

(No need to drive to the Sunset and upend everybody’s recycling can…)

Did you divorce her after having affairs with your current wife?

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