The Sunset District is San Francisco's hottest neighborhood, says report

For example, sifting through MLS data, Carlisle says that while the number of sales that beat the initial asking has declined citywide in the last year, it’s mostly flat in the Sunset, which now leads in bidding wars.

Similarly, the Sunset now leads the pack in average days on the market at 26, according to Carlisle. That’s a three-way tie for first place with the Potrero Hill/Bernal Heights area and with Forest Hill, but in those neighborhoods 26 days is at least two day slowdown from 2015, whereas it’s a loss of only a single day in the Sunset.

And while median prices have plunged year over year in neighborhoods like Pacific Heights, they’re up nine percent on the west side, as Paragon has it.

@sfdragonboy, it’s OK for you to dance in the office.

Yeah, people here were wondering WTF is going on with that dude??? Did he hit the lottery or something??? Well, you are a fellow resident no??? I realize you so HATE it here so much though…

No, not a fan of Sunset. I suspect many people who bought in Sunset have aging Asian parents, who like the fact that their parents can just roam free without the kids’ help.

Geez, I didn’t realize “crime free” neighborhood was such a bad thing…:slight_smile:

I mean Chinese parents who don’t know English and don’t know how to drive.

Well, rich people like to stay together and what is so bad with a great walkability score??? You can knock the weather but that’s about it. And again, my wife for some freaking unknown reason loves the cold here.


This is exactly why I have been preaching SFHs over condos from Day 1…

Carlisle said that San Francisco continues to be one of the world’s most unique real estate markets, particularly as housing stock dwindles and condos become the city’s dominant property type, which in turn makes houses more valuable.

I don’t hate SFH’s. I am just saying condos have their place too.

I don’t see any SFH in SF that makes investment sense. I still see some condos and townhouses that do. So if I were to buy in SF for investment, I will buy condos and townhouses. For me personally I have turned into a suburban boy. Even the SFH’s in SF look to me more like townhouses than real houses down in San Jose.

For SFH in SF, one strategy is to buy one and live in it for 5 years or more. Hopefully by then both the value and rent have appreciated a lot and then the numbers will make investment sense. Rinse and repeat.

So @sfdragonboy time to move your butt off your Sunset palace and buy another house.

IMHO, SF should not have SFHs, only condos and apartments. Land is premium in a city. Should ban SFHs and low rise buildings. How to do it? Ask Singapore government.

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There are burglaries in Sunset every once in a while, so I am not sure if you can call it crime free…

Also didn’t somebody get stabbed on Noriega a few years ago?

Why??? The proverbial cash register is ringing as we speak. And, I don’t mean the one at San Tung. A SFH in SF proper is literally a GOLD MINE!!! Supply and demand, @manch, supply and demand…

Well, everything is relative. If you recall and were around these parts years ago, a young lady in Cow Hollow/Pac Heights got mauled to death by a huge dog in her own apartment complex. Crap happens…everywhere.

Sure, @hanera, and everybody should not be racially profiled or discriminated against…blah, blah, blah…

Can we get back to reality please???

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Very cool!!! We got a Grammy nominee in our midst!!! Hope you win, Frances, and bring it home like those fencing boys from the Olympics!!!