The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Those poor poor people buying $1 million dollar entry level homes.


relatively speaking… :laughing:


It’s interesting that market rotation is playing out this way. When Sunset gets too expensive, where will the buyers go?

You are adding to Sunset’s diversity now :smile:


Actually, Sunset is 33% white. Inner Sunset is over 50% white. Depending on where @lasse bought his home, he could be in a neighborhood where his race is the majority.


Outer! What are the demographics west of Sunset Blvd?


Outer Sunset: 35% white, 40% Chinese
Outer Parkside: 29% white, 45% Chinese

I hope your house number doesn’t have a “4” in it. :slight_smile:


Uh, how much without that purple trim???


$1300 per sqft


The better question is how much if it’s one block further away from the tracks…


Honestly, as I am looking for homes south of the Fab 7x7, the streetcars (as long as far enough down the block so that you don’t feel it) is nothing to plane noise I feel. I am seeing homes where there is the echo from the airport or planes overhead taking off like clockwork. I have asked residents about it and they are used to it I guess and it doesn’t bother them. It will take some getting used to for me…


How about neither…


Pretty hard to get no noise around these parts. Even Hillsborough gets some plane noise apparently. The streetcars you do want close by if you take it regularly to work like I do. Sad, but so true that an entry level home for about 1M really doesn’t get you much anymore…


My house in Emerald had no city noises.except teachers from San Carlos airport would take their students to train…pretty annoying. .fly around in circles. .outside the Bay flight paths


I was surprised by the plane sounds when I was there late one Sunday. Agreed, it was so quiet and void of city noises that anything, like a plane fairly high up, seemed loud but actually wasn’t.


Geez, 1.1M def does not go very far in the Sunset anymore…


Love the staging…Landscaping is da bomb…Where is the pride of ownership??


Tenant occupied $3750


How did they manage to do staging whe it’s tenant occupied? It must be a classy tenant. But how will the buyer move in?


Wow, where to start on this one? So, tenant occupied but the rent is not too shabby right(?) for a outer Sunset SFH. Uh, @BAGB, I think @Elt1 was kidding… that is not staging!!! Boy, the realtor just said, screw it, no staging, I will still sell this (POS) for over 1M and get the job done. Bravo!!! Anyone can sell a dolled up, vacant house, but can you sell a pig that is missing its lipstick and no one is hiding the fact that it is a pig??? Market is hot, folks…very hot!!! :grinning:


Looks like it was staged to make a millennial teenager feel right at home…lol

No lie ---- I saw a new project staged with used pizza boxes, bikes hanging in the entry…Even a banana peel on the stairs…Don’t want the millennials buyer to feel uncomfortable about having to keep the place clean???