The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!

What is up with the Sunset (my 'hood) with the overbidding action??? 3 of the top 10 overbid sales on this list!

Is he underpricing his listings to get a bidding war? Overbidding doesn’t mean much to me w/o looking at the comps.

Redfin shows median $/SQFT in the Sunset down 4.2% from last year. That is a better judge of the market than overbidding imo.

I believe he is not the listing agent on these transactions, just reporting out market results. Well, one could argue that listing at nearly 1M for Sunset is not exactly that low of an underpricing strategy really. And you have the 3rd one that is essentially 1.2M and selling in 7 days and going over. Maybe serious buyers are being extra picky and just going all in on those especially nice ones.

Could be. I have noticed that in Menlo Park. Remodeled/spec homes in decent locations are still getting top dollar. Homes that are run down or on busy streets seem to be struggling more than last year.

Yeah, warts that can not be fixed as you mentioned have to be accounted for in the pricing or savy buyers will simply walk away. Fixers have to be priced right, no doubt. And these sales to me confirm the need for top notch staging to get top dollar.

Here is another one (of many) that made the Top 10 for Overbidding.

Yes, the strategic 1.288M listing price had nothing to do with it…:grin:

I like the 36th avenue - no neighbor on the other side and at least a bit more parking…

But I’ve heard that car window break-in are rampant due to less “neighborhood watch”

I personally live on one of the widest streets in the Sunset, which makes it seem that your neighbors at least across from you seem far away.

I don’t doubt that crime is up since the sleepy Sunset is fairly quiet during the daytime hours when everyone is working or late at night when folks are sleeping. Shoot, a neighbor of mine told me someone was brazen enough to break into his garage late at night (knowing they were upstairs sleeping) to steal some expensive bikes in there. To me, that was done by someone who obviously knew what he had. Again, it is always the riff raff coming in to steal/cause trouble. Maybe it makes sense to live in Hunter’s Point after all…:slight_smile:

If you are paying 1.75M why settle for Sunset? Can’t they buy something east of 19th? I get that this house is huge. But 1.8M for Sunset is hard to swallow…

Uh, “settling” is not remotely associated with the Sunset, Sir!!!

As @BAzx noted, 36th Ave is nice in that it is the street that is one over from Sunset Blvd (hence the one side of trees/grass) which is nice to be on. And, keep in mind that this is not even fully remodeled to the 9s. OMG, Sunset is about to break 2M!!!

Can you hear the cars on Sunset Blvd from 36th?

That is a good question, since Sunset is not nearly close to what 19th Ave traffic is like. With windows opened on those wonderful glorious few days out of the year you probably would hear some noise pollution I imagine…

36th Ave >> 19th Ave in terms of noise, parking in/out, view, etc…

I just wonder if you can hear any traffic noise on 36th? Nothing is worse than 19th. I get that.

Pretty sure there is traffic noise on 36th and 37th.

Next time I am driving by there and see a homeowner I am going to ask. Heck, I did it when I was trying to find an ideal exterior color for my home.

Wow, considering the following:

  1. tunnel entrance - our Fearless Leader’s fav part about Sunset homes :slight_smile:

  2. absolutely horrible address number - 164 (all the way to death???) OMG

  3. outer Sunset

Seriously, decent home that is remodeled with nice upgrades and has a separate inlaw (hint, hint), but still overbid in this day and age…

See, @manch, I was correct about the Sunset. Just too many sales seen going over asking…

Geez, who want to freeze their butts out in that arctic wasteland??? I was actually out on Ocean Beach watching the sun went down last Friday with wifey and kids. It was effing cold!