The Toilet Paper Revolution!

They are in high demand…in China!

April 3, 2017
China has a toilet paper problem. Specifically, people keep stealing it.

So now some Chinese public bathrooms scan your face to let you take any toilet paper.

It’s part of China’s self-styled “toilet revolution” to make public bathrooms less gross as travelers demand better facilities.

The last time I was in China was 2010. At that time most public restrooms had squat toilets with no paper provided. At malls you would see the people here that hold cardboard sign asking for money selling small packages of toilet paper instead.

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Entrepreneurial people, right?

Right, in Chicago people will wash your windows at a stoplight to get a donation. Here, they just stand with a cardboard sign on the corner. It might as well say, “I am lazy give me money”.

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Come on, gentlemen, who hasn’t seen an old Chinese lady in the Fab 7x7 or elsewhere lugging huge bags of recyclable cans and bottles on their shoulders or backs? Here ya go…

Not going to argue the legality of taking recycling cans/bottles, but I would rather see people doing this kind of “work” than just sitting at corners with signs asking for handouts…


I think I have told the story of this lady roaming around Alum Rock, Jackson Ave in San Jose. A Vietnamese lady, sorry folks, got to tell the truth here.

She is not afraid to walk between lanes when the cars are waiting for the green light to give the OK to keep going. I have seen her, with my own eyes because she did it to me, get in the very middle of your lane and stop you right there on the street to ask you for $

I have called the police on her several times but she keeps doing it. The disgraceful, funny or sad part is that last Monday, being at the school parking lot waiting to pick up my daughter, she walked by, she was so busy, believe it or not…scratching a couple of lottery tickets.

Then, yesterday morning, she knocked on my car window at the traffic stop and in a broken Spanish told me that at least 2 quarters will suffice. When I told her that I was going to call the cops, she ran away…to the next car on my right side.