The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed for Its Worst Slowdown in Years


Damn, and you guys/gals wonder why I decided to not attend my own created holiday party last year…



Forum people will go knock on your door soon enough.


I’m on my way now…! :rofl:


Need to include locations on that list too. :smiling_imp:


Be careful what you wished for… :rofl:


We need some AI to crawl the forum. I’m sure this AI could also figure out the net worth as well! (since many seem to be interested in that)


Or we could just ask @harriet :robot:



My alternatives are: Han Solo, Hainanese, Hansen


@hanera is the most stealth. I pretty much had everybody on this forum figured out except him. And @Elt1. Old people are the stealthiest.


@hanera is stealthy but always trying to poke thru others’ secrets. Be extra careful around that man. :fearful:


Figured out… Sure.


Um… let’s face it, @tomato:rofl:


Geez, you cats know whereabouts my CRX is parked in the Sunset so that should be easy to find me (but, don’t)…


Thanks to you guys’ curiosity i wont ever be coming to a meet up.




I say, we just all show up, don’t say anything about your name, eat and drink and leave…



Hehe… @hanera was also there. So whether you go there or not has nothing to do with it.


You can take all the fun out of @wuqijun by baring it all to us. Tell us everything about yourself. :smiling_imp:


That’s because you talk trash. You don’t insult people by calling them “baybilly” or saying they are “bsing”. Fake friend.


Well, since we are communicating online, people can get insulted more readily than in real life, so more prudence is needed.