The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed for Its Worst Slowdown in Years


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No I’m not revealing your secrets. They are yours to keep. But really I don’t see any harm in sharing those “secrets” with the rest of the forum :slight_smile:


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We are all lunatics in some way.


Wait what happened? My technology is expensive :moneybag:


What’s a few millions dollars between friends :handshake:?


People backstab and kill for much less than that amount.


Well, I did. But I’m selling my BA home. It never hit the MLS; closes Sept 6. I was surprised at the interest in a 610 sq ft. house with no driveway let alone garage built in 1933. The washer/dryer are in a sort of wooden bin on the deck. No dishwasher or anything like that. I laughed with the agent when I read the part of the offer where the buyers wanted the appliances. “What?” I asked. They want all 6 of them - including the floor furnace and water heater?
Off topic but I just got an education in buying what you like and not trying to worry too much about appreciation. The appraisers came to my mom’s house this morning; she passed in June. A Persian rug purchased for $8700 in 1992 from a Palo Alto rug place (think what that is in today’s dollars) is now worth $800. They were in fashion then; they’re out now. A much cheaper Afghan rug has appreciated. The design is very open with tribal as opposed to floral or geometric designs. Tribal is now in. Floral and geometric are out. A classic French wooden table is nearly valueless but a 70’s Formica kitchen table is now stylish and easy to auction. Excepting stocks and real estate buy what you like; forget about appreciation. Impossible to even guess.


East Palo Alto joins the million dollar club!


Post a photo, I might be interested :rofl:


See, now, that EPA fixer sounds like a great buy…


Even Pacifica is over $1m. I love giving Pacifica crap about bring less desirable than EPA. Bad weather anti growth policies and poor city planning.