The US Real Estate Big Picture

The US Real Estate Big Picture

Nationwide, there are more houses built than needed. SFBA is just the opposite.


“65+yr/olds are typically net downsizing at this point in their lives.”

Qualitative statement to bolster their argument. They need to back this up with quantifiable evidence.

I’m not saying it’s true or not. I’m only saying this is too much like building a straw man argument. They are saying we are building more housing than demand justifies. But, a simple fact check tells me the following:

People have to live somewhere. No matter their age.

Hanera, the stats you show are wrong…They say population growth of 3.2m…Projections show a population growth of 40m…Housing of 2m units per year are needed…800,000 are being built…We are in the worst housing shortage in history. .I have a 2bd for rent in Tahoe…people are begging me to let them in today…I had so many calls I pulled my ad…