The Worst Financial Crash You Have Ever Seen is Coming

The Worst Financial Crash You Have Ever Seen is Coming according to Jim Rogers.

"This was not the end of the world because the market is still making all-time highs,” But the current bull market - which is the second longest running - will end badly, according to Rogers, warning that the next financial meltdown is going to be the worst yet. “I would expect it to start this year or the next…and it’s going to be the worst in your lifetime and my lifetime,” he told me back in July.

So how is Rogers preparing for the crash? The Singapore-based investor said he likes overlooked and hated markets including agriculture, Russian and Chinese stocks.

Time to follow Rogers and manch :grin: into Chinese stocks. I have some agriculture stocks, would pile on them tomorrow.

Rogers has been saying that for years.


How’s his agriculture investments going?


Jim Rogers is an asshole. An annoying sanctimonious prig… Along with Peter Schiff, Marc Dr Doom Faber, and Shiller. The press loves to trot out these gloom and doomers purely for ratings and entertainment value


You better start to stash some cash away.

I have some investors asking me to help them with getting rid of some properties. They may know something. Who cares, I help, I get paid.