There Is A God


Which one? The Muslim, Christian or Buddhist God?:rofl:

Pick one…just one

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Unbelievable how soft we have become…

Little.known secret: all are same…

Only m and c are the same. B is a level higher… :rofl:

If cops go soft on crime, people in high crime areas( the people this legislation is targeting) will suffer the most. The height of falacity of liberal thought.

i hate to use Singapore as the model but it is frankly as good as any. Their laws are tough and they have no qualms about issuing punishment when crimes are committed. Why can’t we be like this? It (tough laws and punishment) didn’t seem to stunt any growth or their economy in any negative way at all. As long as you know the line, you simply don’t cross it.

It is different in the US. The racial situation means that many think police unfairly enforce the laws. As long as minorities think they are unfairly treated they will not respect law and order. The answer is more minorities in the police force.

Police needs high moral standards and proper code of conduct. Not all people are qualified.

Yes, she is just a child practically but she can do way, way better…

Guess not…

He’s right!

There is no God for sure BUT we can’t tell those religious people that because their whole life has presumed a God, taking that from them is like killing them. What they would respond is to kill you instead of killing themselves. So I would say there is a GOD.

You underestimated my dignity. I will not bow down to falsehood, even in the face of death.

I dare you go inside the Saudi embassy. :scream:

Chop chop…

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Are you implying that muslims are the most intolerant of all religious groups? I wonder who will get chopped first, me or you? :rofl: