These 30-something school teachers retired with over $1 million after only 8 years of work

Eventually, the couple realized they wanted to achieve financial independence and have the freedom to pursue whatever dreams they wanted, whenever they wanted. They continued to live frugally, saving around 75% of their teaching incomes, and in 2008, they bought their first rental property in Vegas.

In the following couple of years, the couple scooped up 14 more rentals. Though they lost money on these during the financial crisis, the market eventually turned and their properties starting bringing in steady profits, eventually pushing their net worth over $1 million.

They ended up with 15 properties in total. A third are concentrated in the Las Vegas area, but they own places in other markets as well, including Michigan, Vermont, and North Carolina. “A bunch of hedge funds came and started purchasing up rental properties and prices rose quite a bit,” Joe said. “And so I started looking at other markets and investing in other areas.”

How were they able to keep up with so many mortgages?

Joe explains: “Eventually we ended up with 15 properties, but only four with mortgages. $13,000-plus in gross rents each month, less $2,000 per month in mortgages.”


What is the purpose of the article?
Why are they sharing?
Average price of property bought is less than $100k?
Over $1 million is net of debt or total worth of 15 properties? Near to $1 million or much more?

Net worth $1 million so net of debt.

At their age $1m is not enough. .They are going to have to keep working it…Travelling will get boring soon enough especially with kids…

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They quit their teaching job to pursue a freelance career. Wife is writing novels and husband is working on early retirement blogs. With a net rental income of $100k with intrinsic inflation protection, they can retire in most of America or Europe.

Most early retirees will continue to make money, some of them may become entrepreneurs and make a great fortune.

Retirement is highly overated…Tried it 3 times…Working is more satisfying as long you are working for yourself…as opposed to a soul sucking job as a union teacher working for the government. …They didn’t retire they just had a career change…

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I am sure there are many here, i.e bay area, exceeded the teachers track record, but they won’t openly publish the results.

Savings is the key to start with,
Investments are really making anyone’s life to increase the networth,
Real estate and stocks are like two eyes of investment channels without affecting your existing jobs/business.

Once you reached financial independence, you can choose what you do with your time. You do not have the total freedom, but you do have more freedom.

Once you start working for yourself when you do not have to, work will become more satisfyinf

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