Thinking About Doing Some Home Remodeling?


you think it’s existing home owners taking out cashout and remodel, or home-sellers fixing&upping, or new buyers renovating?






I’m praying everyday that it will slowdown a lot because I want to do some re-modeling.
But cost is shooting up fast and not coming down at all because of tariff wars and reconstructing going on in NAPA Valley and Florida.


Is this the same person?


I’m win @hanera here. Hard to find good labor, much less cheap.


True …I just got done with a small month long project it went smoothly ahead of schedule time on budget with minimum hassle but i pursued the contractor (top1%) for over 4 months for availability. The really good ones are hard to come by the crap ones you really dont want …the inbetweens charge exhorbitant numbers so not many options