Thinking About Doing Some Home Remodeling?

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Thanks sfdragonboy. This site has gotten to be a landlord/investor site instead of the Redfin replacement site that was it was originally intended to be. We used to talk about home repair and improvement a lot.

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Thanks, I try to post all content related to RE and homes. Different readers have different needs…

The content in that article may not apply to Bay area …which is special …if anyone has been to open homes in the last 6 months …they will know what i am talking about …this article below drives the point home

Pretty much the same or worse in the Bay Area right now… Forget about the cost part - finding the “good” contractors that even care about small to medium jobs now are rare. And you don’t want the bottom feeder contractors - they don’t even know what inspections really mean.

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I hear ya, I am seeing it live right now, with high supplies cost from HD and then my contractor is warning me his labor tab (hourly) is going to be ugly once he is done, but what can I do right? He did an engineered stone kitchen counter top for me last week where his seam cuts were nice and clean.

I have a great contractor who mainly focuses on high end homes but he agreed to work on my kitchen remodel. He books almost a year in advance though :frowning:

Cool, so what are you planning to do? Cosmetic remodel or moving walls type of remodel? I too need to remodel the kitchen of my new home when we finally move in since the seller is not doing it. It is a nice big space, so I am thinking I am going to go with a wet island or have the cook top there.

I live in a townhouse so what I can do is limited. Custom cabinets, reconfigured kitchen layout and turning an unused space into a kitchen pantry.

My point is contractors are out there to take the smaller jobs. My contractor is high quality so I am paying for a quality job.

Sounds like you are fortunate in that you have someone who is willing to do that (take smaller jobs). Supply and demand works with contractors too usually. It also helps that you have worked with him before sounds like and it is a higher end job so how can he say no if he has the time open? Yes, I need to add a pantry onto my list if I can…

I had to book him a year in advance he had so much demand.

@BAzx hang in there. If you are in south bay I can send you his website info.

Thanks gal! I’m all good for now. Got all my needed remodel done in 2016… Even though there are more availability - remodeling was lots of work mentally for the me and the whole family and it not just the cost! Working and figuring out the details with the team was HARD WORK especially when you have your spouse with different taste and different level of construction knowledge. Glad it is done so I don’t have to think about it hopefully for a few decades.