This Guy Is Scary

To say this guy likes to do some number crunching is a big understatement:

The data is nominal money. The same 6.6% yearly rise is much more impressive in low-inflation environment like now.

Great data!

Circling back to real estate investment, because that’s all I think about really, SF real estate is one of the best investments ever. Provided that one needs to plan for rent control restrictions.

That is sooooo awesome!

But not as scary as the elderly guy who we interviewed with while looking for an apartment in Boston who advertised that part of the rent was to help him start a web-business. Turns out that he had stored thousands of newspapers in his basement and wanted to start a business selling them to people who wanted the obituaries. He showed us a book called “Internet companies for dummies” or something like that.

That actually wasn’t half of the story about this guy. His wife, for whatever reason, had deeded the house to her niece (mind you she’s ignoring us the whole time while watching tv), so when she died, we would all be evicted because the niece would inherit the house. The apartment he was renting came furnished–with his wife’s 70 year old furniture–and he just needed the money to paint the house.

It was honestly one of the few rental situations that you could not pay me to live in.

Err… people like to read obituaries?

No I think the idea was obituaries for your relatives.

I actually overheard two dudes talking about this article at the smash burger on 16th St last night. And I thought I was the only one crazy about houses.

No, we ALL are fascinated by real estate porn of all sorts…

Oh, in the Mission eh? Don’t tell me you’re a hipster??? What a sellout… :wink:

The dudes threw around terms like parameters and stuff. Is that how hipsters talk nowadays?

Yeah, like this…:grinning: