This, Is Why Google Is Google


Nope. I agree with Apple maps being horrible.


Interesting…top “how to…” search globally on Google is “how to fix a wall”…


If you buy a phone company and fail, then buy another phone company.


Why not? Success is built upon past mistakes… :laughing:


Good investment to keep AAPL on the toe. I like iPhone and hope Android won’t kill iOS like what windows did to mac

Google is out of growth engine. Next play is to compete against apple for the enormous phone market


Why would this be any different than buying Motorola which failed in <1 year. Microsoft bought Nokia, and that failed pretty fast too. I don’t get the point.


Windows kill Mac? Since when? Windows is an OS, Mac is a hardware platform. MacOS X is an OS that run on Intel-based hardware which is totally different from System xxx that run on PowerPC & previously M68000s.

Macs are around and is very profitable. PC manufacturers such as the ex-number one Compaq are no longer around. HPE jettisons its PC division. IBM jettisoned its ThinkPad division. Dell became a private company.

Macs have never been big in market share. In fact, looking at absolute number of units sold, installed base of Macs have been growing :slight_smile:

Having its own device, Google can better control the users and obtain higher price from advertisers.


I think Google should compete with Apple to buy Tesla. It’s not happening now. But if model 3 achieves mass market success then one of these 2 need to pull the trigger.



Love this. Can’t come soon enough!


I will hire lawyers to follow them… Will make a fortune…lol



I wish we peons can have a piece of that “Double Irish” and “Dutch Sandwich”…



Neat. The terraced design seems to serve BIG well. The way it staggers the levels visually breaks the huge buildings into smaller proportions and makes it more palatable to the surrounding residents.

The architects also did this in the design for the new WTC2 (no earthquake worries)
(replacing the Norman Foster design)-




Come on, Google!!!





Avengers, assemble!!!