This, Is Why Google Is Google

Good read. If this doesn’t get anyone to drink Google’s Kool-Aid, I don’t know what will.

(Disclaimer: @sfdragonboy does not own any Google shares…yet)

Hmmm, something to keep an eye on…

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One Apple micro-architect move to Google to become a lead SoC architect?
What is the big deal of it?
Apple has tons of micro-architects(= senior RTL designer) and Google has many SoC architects.


The company recently hired an engineer named Manu Gulati from Apple, according to Variety. Gulati has at least 15 Apple patents related to chip design under his belt and will be key in Google’s plan to build its own processors, Variety said.

Well, he sounds pretty impressive, no??? And again, when you take away and gain that just means your competition is weakened (to what extent, TBD as they say). Time to short Apple???:slight_smile:

Really? Shortening a company over the loss of an engineer? I mean, Steve Jobs died back in 2011 and I didn’t short the company back then…


He didn’t do any real work…:slight_smile:

Wow… ok, so pretty much all CEOs are worthless and should not be paid a single dime :slight_smile:

Hmm… this reminds me again of the great Chinese poletariat society of the 60s where only manual laborers were valued…

One could argue that CEOs are compensated almost too well in many cases. They make that BART janitor look like he is on minimum wage…:slight_smile:

I thought you hated communists… too bad you were not born in China in the 50s…

Yes, def not into Mao jackets for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

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The hardest soft skills to master are communication, motivation and political sensitivities.
Any people with above skills should be paid more than the rest.
Hard skills can be learned through grinding i.e. given time, any average IQ can master them.

Those are the times. Recall my family bought new clothes, cut them and shipped to relatives in China. Also, despite being no proper meals to eat, also some cash occasionally.

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Hey, I don’t want to be banned from using Google for life…:grinning:

hahaha… far-right got no support here in the Bay Area. Only 40 people expressed interest. Out of 7 million.


He was the ultimate salesman for Apple and its products. And he did it very very very well.

The comment reflects who you are.

Person L: Work on the designated area for 24 hrs, manage to mine 1 oz of gold.
Person M: Move outside the designated area if he realized the yield is not good, after 12 hrs manage to mine 24 oz of gold, he spends the other 12 hours golfing.
Person C: Survey the area, hire some workers to dig and adjust the area to dig depending on the yield, manage to mine 100 oz of gold per worker after 24 hrs.

Some people think should pay M half of what L gets since he only work half the time of L. Should pay C the least since he didn’t do real work.

Come on, if the owner of San Tung said hey stop the noise or I will ban you forever, what do you think most people would do? Pipe down reaaaaal quick (while chopping down on those wings…)

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How many of these 40 people are locals? The organizer is that Pizzagate nut job.

The google guy has soiled his name with the alt-right association. It doesn’t matter if he’s alt right or not. Careful who you associate with. For example don’t buddy up with the mafia.

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Yes, back to normal programming, shall we???

Google maps is utter garbage in Seattle. I’m hoping when they open the new offices here that’ll motivate them to fix it. It’ll suck to have their own employees getting lost in Seattle while using their product.


So true. Did you find a better alternative? I dare not try Apple Maps.