This, Is Why I Hate All HOAs!


What? No one else attends meeting other than board members? That’s not a democracy at all.


Its about the same percentage of voters who attend congressional meetings.


Usually HOA meeting has an open session and closed session. During the open session part, homeowners can participate. Is your Hoa disallowing homeowners to participate?




how many times can one get “fined” for the same offense?

outright stupid.


I don’t think this will hold up in court.


Uh, in some ways isn’t the HOA more powerful than the Supreme Court???


Homeowners are busy with their life. Who has time to fight over these stupid board members? Police should just come and arrest them. Or journalists should come and embarrass them.

If you file a lawsuit, HOA will need to get legal fees and settlement from your own pocket. What a stupid liberal board. To sue or not to sue?!

I hope to find some ways to disband HOAs and replace them with a common sense setup.


Not gonna happen. Who is going to handle the admin for these many condo units? It serves a genuine role for what it is. That does not mean I have to buy into it though…


Essentially it’s search without a warrant.


We have a terrible time finding qualified people here in La Honda. Most of the board members are smart and hard working; one is a complete imbecile. It’s major work though. The HOA provides the water, collecting, storing, treating, and distributing it. “Public works” here is almost like a small town government function. And in these sue-happy times playgrounds, riding rings, pools, clubhouses, etc. can become a legal morass especially in California. Sadly, we were forced to remove a skateboard ramp the kids liked due to costs for liability insurance. Now they improvise truly dangerous substitutes.
Typically about 5 non-board members show up for open session each month. An all-members meeting twice a year, where a summary of the previous six months is presented, is typically attended by 20-30. The board has no time for the sort of nonsense described above. People have everything from Alpacas to dope plants on their property. A regulation against running a business out of your house is never enforced. The properties run the gamut from executive mansions to shacks with cars up on blocks. Skyrocketing home values and the associated gentrification are slowly taking care of the remaining eyesores.
Oh - in a sign of the times, the current owners of Ken Kesey’s old place (the “electric lighthouse” where folks dropped acid and where “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was written) just got a $100 fine in the mail for having a fire on a “spare the air” day. Of course they’re right on 84 with their address displayed in big silver numerals. Likely a cyclist from over the hill rat-finked on them.


I like my HOA Board and my complex is very small. Our sessions are open and I am the only home owner that shows up to the meeting to be informed.


Why not run for the board? You are the material for the chairman position


I have been on the board for 3 years. Will probably run again.


I believe that is enough experience for the seat of the President Of The United States!!!:grin:


So now there is no homeowner going to the meeting any more? :joy:

Hope your board will minimize regulations and reduce the cost and take care of only the essential business. No overreach please


Here’s an interesting story about a guy who parked a WW2 tank in front of his unit because the “HOA had no rule against it.”


That, is awesome…



Come on, this is a BMR unit in the Tenderloin essentially and you have to pay this every month for HOA!!! Not. Worth. It.

The monthly HOA fee of $593 pays for “Water, Garbage, Ext Bldg Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Outside Management, Internet,” per the listing.