This, Is Why I Hate All HOAs!



OMG, liberal HOA board! They want to take away people’s property rights in so many innovative ways.


Well the residents can run for the board and change whatever rules they don’t like.


Many people need to make a living, they do not have time to run for anything.

Why not leave good people alone?


Who in their right mind would pay gobs of money for a home to then have to put up with this kind of nonsense??? SFHs forever, people!!!


Good people are forced to rise up and get rid of this stupid HOA!

Individualism is the best. Communism will be the end of the universe.


Just say no to condos and townhouses…:slight_smile:


Start a revolution to get rid of HOA. Put overreaching board members in prison. Property rights is taken away.

Maybe an opportunity to buy condos in this complex if the board refuses to change policy?


Yeah, because your SF board of supervisors never make bad decisions that impact you.


Give them all to me. I don’t mind. :smile:


I was on the board of my previous HOA for a few years. It only took 1 or 2 hours a month.


Please refer to my “Definition Of Idiots: SF Board of Supervisors” …

But seriously, why, why would anyone willingly subject themselves to this kind of conduct and control (assuming one can opt for a SFH)??? I thought I graduated from grade school!!!


If this rule really irritates a vast majority of owners there, rest assured it will be repealed. HOA is a democracy. Actually it’s a raw form of democracy as only owners can vote.

If I have 2 units does that mean I have 2 votes? Never looked into that.


Time for deregulation in Hoa world. Most people have no time to get involved. It’s a sham for democracy.

Leave people to live their own life. Stop intrusive social engineering


Plenty of time to concoct lame rules like this!!! (not that you did this or would have…)


People may have 1-2 hours a month, but they may not be there at those particular hours.

Some good HOAs somtimes can’t find the required number of candidates. They have to beg a few people to be willing to be on the board. Otherwise, the HOA will be in violation of its charter and some legal requirement won’t be met. Bad Hoa would have many poeple competing to get elected




The HOAs will normally base their meeting times on when their directors can all be there. You usually have a meeting every 2 months and the date is set for the next meeting at the current one. so being at the meeting is not usually a problem.


Some tech workers need to work very long hours and they may need to take care of kids and get a little rest.

What percentage of your Hoa members go to meetings? Too much government is detrimental to people’s health. We should reduce regulation and allow people to enjoy their life without undue interference.


I have never seen a HOA member at a meeting.