This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long

Haha. 2.8M! I still don’t understand on why people needs 4000+ sqft houses. Personally sweet spot is 2000 - 2500 sqft with 4/3 + Den setup :slight_smile:


its a terrible place to raise kids. :wink: unless you have $$$ or came before 2014. (we came 2015). :slight_smile: Schools are terrible, and I say this as someone who has kids in a good school district.

Probably would have gone higher if it’s backyard wasn’t directly ON mission blvd :slight_smile:

Need attached bathroom for each bedroom + half bath for guest.
Need an entertainment (aka media) room - watch movies.
Need a game room - play billiard or table tennis.
Need a large living room to look grand with sliding door to the backyard, backyard with a patio for bbq setup.

2500 sqft single story is insufficient.

SF or SJ or PA?

Sure, but in RealEstate there is always a trade off. I would rather take 2500 sqft house and trade extra sqft to cheaper price, better location/commute, better backyard. Also you are in California, so might as well as enjoy more outdoor instead of air-conditioned room in 4K mansion :slight_smile:

@Elt1, see how times have changed since 1975? :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep but if you bought in 1975 in the BA you would be a multi millionaire today. Not if you bought in these second tier cities

Seriously, could you explain what you said? Didn’t understand it. Oakland and Berkeley doesn’t seem to be in that list.

I’m sure you know this, Financial growth is always measured in % not in $s.

What happened over last 45 years. You are referring to the latest trend. All that matters is absolute $$. Not percent.

45 years back is completely different from “recent” past. To make money one has to be in today/recent past and not hold a view which was good 45 years back.

Today, of course due covid and WFH the new future might change completely too. We will have to wait and see to what degree WFH is adopted.

Not latest. Maybe can be called as recent, if 25 years is recent. New era (internet) for BA started @1990s. So, I’m referring to past 15-25 years.

% equalizes the base disregarding the number $s in Investment A has vs Investment B for the same timeframe.

History didn’t start with the Internet. Tech came here because the BA has been a desirable place to live for 170 years. And since WW2 prices have exceeded the growth of the rest of the country. Tech came Tech can go. The BA will abide.

In RE location is everything and absolute dollars are all that matters. In Redwood City on the Atherton border a new 2/2 condo was $45k and a new Atherton house was $80k 45 years ago. Now that Condo is worth $1m and the house is worth $8m. Buy the best location you can afford and hold forever. All other advice is noise.

Atherton tear down

Desirable place to live there are many.
One distinguishing factor why BA Tech innovation flourished is the new Funding system where Banks were hesitant to take risk, i.e. VC. On PBS there is/was a program which shows how that hapenned when people moved from NY to BA and funded new tech companies using the VC model.

It’s not about the word tech. It’s about new businesses whose products have high demand, which no other place have and cannot replicate easily.

Hindsight is 20/20, today’s best location is because of the past. Tomorrow’s best location will be because of the present.

Never bet against America or the BA. It is the mothership of RE investments. And has been since my grandfather bought in the 1930s. As far as the present. Have you noticed all the new BA IPOs like Airbnb minting new millionaires?

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Nobody on this thread said bet against America or BA.

Great areas within BA is currently being determined by good employers within reasonable commute. Rest of the areas which are great to stay however bad commute + bad schools are being shunned.

People within Bay Area people are buying houses with reasonable/good commute, good schools and decent neighborhoods.

What was reasonable commute only 10 years back isn’t reasonable anymore and so people are making their choices accordingly and voting with their purses, compromising with relatively smaller houses and bad views.

Maybe, but many are leaving including me. For me it’s a retirement thing. I don’t need to work. But actually am making more money in the Sacramento MSA than I would in the BA.

Only 3600sq ft lot, train line just across. $181K over asking. Redfin algorithm hasn’t caught up with the sold price yet, i.e. Redfin price estimate is $40K lower than sale price.


$3M, Listing to Pending in 5 days.

$2.3M very close to freeway 680. Pending to sold in 10 days @$110K over asking .

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Wow, moving the city average up, huh.

I am considering to sell my Fremont home ~1.7M range, but maybe next year. Keep it coming!

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Facebook has signed another large office lease in Fremont.

The social media giant said Tuesday that it has leased 115,000 square feet at 6750 Dumbarton Circle. That follows leases totaling 230,000 square feet at two neighboring locations. The three buildings have room for around 1,500 employees, though they may temporarily house fewer as office-density practices may change due to the pandemic.

The lease, signed in February and publicly confirmed by the company this week, stands as one of the largest in the Bay Area this year, as the coronavirus pandemic brought the commercial real estate market to a virtual standstill.

Fremont has become one of Facebook’s largest office hubs, where it now leases around 1.5 million square feet. In 2018, it leased 750,000 square feet among 14 buildings, also in the Dumbarton Circle area.


I don’t know much about Fremont. How’s this area? Notice the price seems pretty low for a nearly new built.