This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Ok, let’s upgrade to Colombia :rofl:


My impression is everywhere in US is equally bad more or less. Which states are good with building infrastructure?


Definitely not the hillbillies states for sure.


Boom!!! Sounds like I should be able to double what I paid in only 5 years…


Seattle has a plan. Light rail expansion will cover everything over the next 10 years.


Bay Area light rail is slowww…


That’s because it’s ground level and stops for traffic. They elevate it here. It only stops at stations. It’s more comparable to caltrain or BART.


Go Fremont? But I am not sure how I trust Redfin’s algorithm skill based on their Redfin Estimate.


“Because Redfin has a customer database that is used by every agent for every customer at every step of buying or selling a home, Compete Score is calculated using data that no other brokerage or website has. Compete Score is calculated using Redfin proprietary data, including the number of competing offers and number of waived contingencies for homes sold by Redfin, as well as data from multiple listing services (MLSs), including the sale-to-list price ratio and number of days on market. Compete Score data will be updated monthly, and the latest data can be found and downloaded in the Redfin Data Center. We’ll use Compete Score to track competition over time to compare competition in different neighborhoods and cities.”

They have so little market share. I’m not sure how valuable the data on their listings is.


Fremont is probably one of the last cities in the Bay where you can still maybe find a home for under 1M. Why shouldn’t it be uber competitive?


Another Fremont company gets bought out… mo money, mo money, mo money


I see so many price drops in and around fremont area. Is this the begining of house market correction? Thoughts please?


Well, it would help if you posted a few examples…


Pretty good deal, no???

Or, maybe this one for just over 900K…


That’s not a good sign? $1.2m for remodeled 2k sq ft house


Well, keep in mind the area that this in too. Schools are just ok, not the highly vaulted areas of Fremont.


Second house has high voltage power lines at the back.


Honestly, I see this a lot. I wonder how much of a difference it actually makes in price.


I like to stay at least 300 ft (100 meters approx) away. Just to be safe. I understand that a cellphone near your head probably exposes you to more radiation, but I don’t want to have to deal with future buyers of my home shying away.


i would not buy a primary house with high tension wires in my backyard… radiation is one thing and its just plain ugly