This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Hope your mom recovered from the trauma. I ain’t buying the Portola/Bayview gentrification no matter what anyone says…

You mean you were not honest before? :stuck_out_tongue:


She is not happy with immigrants coming to USA.
More like anti-immigration.
She assumes any yellow skin as Chinese, and any Chinese is an immigrant to USA.
She probably say the same thing to a hispanic, thinking he/she is from Mexico.


tomato lies all the time.
He is so guilty that he always use phrases like “I’ll be honest…”, “I won’t lie…”, unconsciously.


:slight_smile: find a lie i told then.





Not telling the truth is same as lying. For example, you go with “tomato” and concealed your real name on this forum. That is a form of hiding and not telling the truth.


:slight_smile: you know my name. It is not something i hide when i meet with people.


Yes, I know your “secret”. :grinning:



Can you smoke pot in the beer garden though?


Nope… that can only happen in SF :smile:


Question is how long will it take even with this push.


Running a train on Dumbarton? IMO 20 years


In other words, after Facebook stops being relevant.


I am guessing FB wants dedicated bus lane more so than get the train running.


But what about InstaFace that will take the world by storm in 10 years?


California is now as good as some so called 3rd world countries in terms of PUBLIC infrastructure planning, funding & execution


Really? We are at Zimbabwe level now? :scream:


Is Zimbabwe the only country in 3rd world?