This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Fremont has historically been a second choice market. Can it move itself into a first choice market? It’s possible. It’s good schools have been in place for awhile.


Shoot, from some of these recent listings (not sales), Fremont is there…

$12M baby!!!

$6.888,880 chinese pricing beauty!!!


Let’s put it this way, 10 years ago Fremont and Mountain View were roughly around the same price points, 94539 and 94040. Maybe 94040 was worth 10-15% more. Now there is a big disparity and even the lesser neighborhoods in MV are worth quite a bit more than 94539.


The West side or peninsula of the Bay Area easily kicks arse (and we know it). We just want the prosperity to make its way around the entire Bay. There is still obviously that gap from East Oakland, down Hayward to Union City/Newark that needs some love…


Reason is smaller commute?


I’m sure that’s part of it, but it’s more complex. East PA and MP would have been expensive if that was the reason.

MV has taken on a character of its own. It’s got proximity to big employers going for it, YC/500 Startups, downtown that people enjoy, facilities that people like… it’s also surrounded to the north and south by communities that cost more. It was a second choice, but I think it stands on its own now.

Fremont is surrounded by communities that cost less. I think this is an important difference, but I think Fremont is headed in a good direction too.


Does that mean 100% of the students in those elementary schools come based on a lottery & not based on where they stay?


Does that mean every school of those 18 reserves “some” seats for the lottery?

Found answer below:

A Kindergarten Lottery is held when more students are enrolled than available space. If your school site participates in a Kindergarten Lottery, a gathering of school site personnel, parent, and district representatives witness all names drawn to create the Kindergarten class roster and waitlist. Students who enroll after students who participate in a Kindergarten Lottery are enrolled by date and time of registration. To be eligible for a Kindergarten lottery, parents/guardians must complete enrollment between the Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten priority enrollment period (dates to be announced November 2016).


What do you guys think of these houses in good school district? American High is almost comparable to Homestead High based on SAT and College score, and very strong Elementary school. Commute-wise, it is so close to Dumbarton that probably quicker to get to Redwood City or Peninsula than say from Cupertino or Lynbook area. With 1.7M or 1.8M, I still get a 1500 - 1600 sqft house in Cupertino. Wouldn’t it be better to invest that extra 500K somewhere else?

These tick all of my checkboxes in the house and community:


Another chinese pricing?? ->

However address has a 4.
So, question is what will win in the Address vs pricing battle? :slight_smile:


See, I am not crazy. People do intentionally price this way. Hey, any edge to make your property seem even better or auspicious, why not? You might actually get a few extra few bucks via the bidding wars.

Looks like a winner, despite the 4. Very good school scores and Redfin has it designated as a “hot” home that has a 75% chance of selling within 9 days… Well, if you plan on buying this property @Roy321, here would be the cure for that 4. Good luck…:slight_smile:

Unless you use Cantonese on a daily basis, I would suggest not to worry about it. If you do worry about it, you can use the traditional feng shui cure for number 4, which is to encircle the number in color red.

Being the color of the fire feng shui element, red is considered to protect from misfortune and help attract good luck. You can also apply other feng shui house protection cures that make sense to you.

This is probably why a lot of Asians paint their front doors red…


I personally do not believe in any of these stuff but if potential buyers believe in it, an investor ought to pay attention


One big problem with Dumbarton is that it doesn’t have direct connection to 101. After I get off the bridge, I still have to drive on a lot of local streets before getting onto 101 again. But for Facebookers it works out nicely. Their campus is right off the bridge.

I suspect there is also some sort of psychological distance effect with bridges. The two end points just feel more distant somehow. There is more variability with traffic pattern. One big accident can shut down the whole bridge and there is no reasonable alternate route. So maybe people are “pricing in” more commute time and distance with bridges.


Yea, I agree. That stretch getting to 101 after the bridge can be crowded if you have to go south on 101. Going North on 101 is not too bad though. Now that Amazon is also taking big office in EPA, and ever expanding FB in MenloPark, definitely attractive. One of the home I listed above was short sale back in 2012 for 680K, and now asking for 1.36M, not a bad return I would say.


Is the Amazon office in EPA a fulfillment center/warehouse ? Or is it an Engineering office?


Looks like Engineering office to me:


This is class A office space. It’s a nice looking structure. Sobrato owns a chunk of land on the opposite side of University too.


Well, pended!!!


Yepp I noticed that on Redfin. :slight_smile:


It seems to have changed to Pending (Pending - Show for Backups). Seller is not happy with the price.


A Santa Clara man hiking up Fremont’s Mission Peak got bitten by a rattlesnake Monday and had to be airlifted to a hospital and treated with anti-venom. Apparently, the man sat down on a rock to take a break from the hike and rested his hand on top of the rattler.