This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Umm. If you put your hand on a rattlesnake…


Aaaah, good for preventing homeless encampments…:slight_smile:


Speaking of such, why am I still seeing tents around town? I though we passed some measures back in Nov? What happened?


The admittingly unfab part of the Fab 7x7: the pathetic leadership that is in City Hall…


San Ho and Oakland make the Top 10. Needless to say, the Fab 7x7 is not there (when affordability is weighted most heavily). How did San Ho and Oakland make it then???


San Jose housing is cheaper and median incomes are higher.


SOLD! :hammer: !!


Yes, at the specific sold price of $910,008 no less…

(OMG, I bid only $910k, and lost the house by 8 lousy dollars!!!:slight_smile:)


Yepp the selling price looked weird to me


Probably someone who visits here and wants us to see that. Come on, who would actually do something like that seriously? Maybe someone who really drank too much of my number 8 theory Kool-Aid…


The top 5 East Bay cities pulling in VC money…


More reason to consider Fremont @Terri


Interesting about the surveillance by residents.

One thing that I’m finding is that is being used by residents to inquire if others have information on crimes. I don’t know if the founders realized it’d be used for that, but it’s been really cool. People will have a trajectory for a car and ask if others have video. People with videos of mailbox thefts post it so others can try to ID the person. Pretty cool.


Yes, I’ve seen that on nextdoor especially nowadays everybody has some sort of camera or fancy doorbell. Btw, I meant to reply @Terri on other thread about Fremont and school. I live in Fremont (Ardenwood area & previously near Parkmont area). Love the diversity and family friendly, a lot of weekend activities going on as well. My take with Fremont is, it is not near to anywhere, but it is not far away from everywhere. One of us used to commute to SF and the other commute to Mountain View and it works for us. Most of the schools are really good (no kids in the school yet, only in Pre-K), but we are looking forward to sending ours to local public schools.


Yeah… I think that’s my assessment of it too :slight_smile:


Ring is getting popular. How many people have Ring already?


I heard on the radio Fremont is reporting no homicides in 2 years! That’s amazing!

Are you guys the ones terrorizing other cities, or you all are dead? :rofl:

By the way, Tesla is hiring like crazy.

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We need men, only men to work, please apply at $14/hr. No experience required. :heart_eyes:


Ring is the iPhone for Video Door Bell at this time!


It is not just Tesla…

Sorry, no story access…