This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


True passion!

I’m late to the Fremont parade… Where should I look? What should I buy? More importantly, what can I afford???


Nope. Always be leaning. Just came back from an realestate expo here in Yangon, Myanmar. There might be some land investment here :slight_smile:


That reminds me, I need to ask the wife if she has seen anything interesting yet back in Malaysia since her cousin is a RE agent back there. All I hear is that things are expensive now.



Realtors already using Facebook & Tesla offices in Fremont listings:


Energy, sales, service and marketing workers, along with general and administrative employees, will be housed at Tesla’s new Fremont offices, the company stated. Some of the employees are former SolarCity workers who will relocate from San Mateo. Tesla completed a $2 billion purchase of SolarCity in 2016.


Cha-ching, Fremont owners!!!


For you!


We have been telling folks to look at Fremont sooooo long now. Nobody wanted to listen…


Sweet, Fremont fixer is pending…



$2200 rent for a million dollar home? Better sell it and buy elsewhere




I get $2200 for a house I paid a year $330k one year ago in Tahoe…


SFDB could have realistically gained 100k in the last 12 months. His rent is under market or it’s a crapper :grin:.


Yes, Fremont home did appreciate some in one year and yes rent is well under market. I need to bump up rates later this year after the dust settles from the exchange.


Sorry, pay to view…


Non pay to view


Cha-ching!!! @RealEstatebull, this exact same layout 3/1 that I have in South Sundale just went over 900K!! Now, you know Fremont way better than me, so is this location that much better? If not, man, I am about to double my money in 3.5 years…


Not bad, over $1k/sq ft now! Not bad, 351K over asking!!!