This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Sure… :slight_smile: . The big ding against newark(at present) are the schools.


Just the visual of the map outline alone “suggests” that Newark has to pop at some point, right? I mean, to the west just over a bridge is all that wonderful SV stuff and then east is Fremont which is doing well. Newark is practically surrounded by wealth. I am still fielding calls for my Fremont place (last night, even) and my neighborhood used to be even way worse in terms of school rankings but has since gone up as I expected. The people moving in are professionals or tech related, so they will push their kids to do well in school. Takes time though…






Bingo, @Roy321, bingo!!! You hit it out of the park!!!


Me Appy:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

inspite of Donald’s crAppy tax plan :smile:


Uh, maybe I should take down my “Make Me Move” posting…:grin:


Adding this post from the FB thread.


Uh, should I raise the rent of my 3/1 SFH at $2,200/mo, @Roy321??? Hate to be a mean Santa this time of year…


Thats really good news. This will force other tech firms to also consider opening offices in Fremont. Of course this means more traffic too. I have relatives complaining about perennial traffic on 880 all times of the day. Will get worse.


As @Roy321 eloquently provided previously, this map says it all for any RE investing. Don’t waste your time in Bay Area outskirts like Mountain House. EASIER money can be made right here…


Monitor the comparative rents in the area? & make a decision.


Agreed, but it may be time to be Bad Santa…cuz at the end of the day, where are you going to go???


It’s only business…





Just saw this at the Fremont Hub in front of Target under construction: 10 Tesla Superchargers & 4 ChargePoint Chargers, opening soon? My phone says I\u2019m at 39201 Fremont Blvd in Fremont CA, Lat: 37.5438; Long: -121.9845. The best entrance will be from Walnut St.

Plenty of eateries (fast food to sport pub with a variety of ethnic themes? Are Panda Express & Popeyes ethnic?) close by during normal business hours. It should be an easy walk to a restroom too; after hours, not so much. I think Fremont rolls up the sidewalks at about 9 pm.


Clearly, Fremont is on the rise… (not a coffee drinker actually…)


W00t! 7 mins drive from my place. I have to post it while vacationing!


Really? Can’t you just enjoy your vacation without thinking about real estate?:grinning: