This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long


Pull a HELOC or cash out refi. Cant be just happier looking at the prices.


How’s the flip experience going such as dealing with contractors?


Understanding they are not professional is the key. Being tech workers we kinda expect similar structure and organized working model. That is why contractors are contractors, cost of doing business is what I like to think.


I’m wondering how 1st time buyers will buy/are buying in Bay Area now.


They’ll manage as they’ve always had.


People need to save more or lending standards need to relax.


Relaxing lending standards is bad. It always leads to a bubble that ends badly.


Already relaxed as RSUs are being accepted as income.

Also read some where this administration wants to loosen financial standards, maybe a related to mortgage . Need to look it up.


Not so great thing in Fremont:

At one point, the woman, who was traveling with several passengers, made an offensive gesture toward Ahn, using her hands to slant her eyes. “Oh my god! Chinese ugly!” she said.






Ahn, a naturalized citizen, immigrated to the U.S. with his parents and older sister in 1992 at the age of 12. He joined the military in 2012.

I bet his English is better than hers.


Racism has nothing to do with language ability.


That’s why this is so wrong. If she is an immigrant herself she should understand fully how being a racist stinks.


Also has nothing to do with being an immigrant or not. My mom is very racist against black people. It didn’t help that a black person once robbed and injured her.


Everyone can be racist. african people in africa may look down on whites, middle easterns can look down on other middle easterns, europeans look down on other europeans.
it happens everywhere.
just brush it off, move on.


OMG that’s terrible!! Did it happen in the Sunset?

Of course I know that, but I’d expect people in the bay area to be less vocal about it now vs. in the old days given the liberal landscape.


No. It happened in Portola back in the old days…


I’ll be honest - liberal landscape is very depressing. But racism is a different ball game, i agree :slight_smile:


She’s not exactly beauty pageant material herself LOL!