This Is Why You Never Baby Your Kids

I think the lesson should be don’t keep guns in your house.


The lesson should be make sure you kick your kid out of your house after they turned 18.


Sooner or later, we’ll see the deflecting “oh, here, the data says” bloger coming to oppose what we smart people think about guns.

Nowadays, specially in this part of CA, it is not rare to see 25 yo kids living at home with dad and mom.

I actually have a friend, his 22 yo languish most of the time at home playing games. What a waste of life.

Are you kidding? 28 year old with a 68 year old mom? If he didn’t have a gun, he’d have punched her to death or used the kitchen knife. This isn’t about guns, but anger.

And I am SUPER impressed that an 81 year old man wrestled the gun from him. Either he was in shock at his own actions or that’s some grandpa.


Death penalty is needed to curb people’s anger level

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Something must have gone wrong with the way this guy was raised. Even without guns anybody with sanity would not hurt another person for some stupid video games.


I’m not going to defend him, but I do think that when your stress level gets high enough you do things that are regrettable. Whether he later regrets it will tell you whether it was stress or a psychiatric problem.

I’m going to guess that his mom asked him to do something, he failed to do it, went to playing video games, and she chewed him out. He’s probably unemployed and his stress level/pressure level is probably really high, and he blew his top. Obviously that’s not ok, but it’s important to recognize that it can happen to anyone–even ourselves–when there’s enough pressure on.

An 8 years old shot his father after his father said he forgot to buy the PlayStation that he promised that day. That father is a cop.

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Right. Without a gun he may have punched his mom, which may not have instantly killed her.

It’s again all about probability. People arguing having access to weapons 1000 times more lethal than fists makes no difference, would they also argue having weapons 1000 times more lethal than guns also makes no difference? How about giving everyone access to machine guns? Oops, we already do. How about missiles? Tanks? Nuclear weapons? Where’s the line? And why?

I’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot. Partly because my brother had anger issues, and partly because I have had them in the last couple of years. I’ve noticed that bad news nationally makes me yell at my kids when they do something wrong–stress builds regardless of where it’s coming from, but it’s always taken out on the people you live with. Lack of sleep, poor diet, being sick, money pressures, kid misbehavior–it just all adds up. I’m not going to take anyone out, but I’ve had days I wanted to destroy computers and game systems because the kids entitled attitudes piss me off.

I’m also trying to work hard to get my kids employed/employable early because this kind of thing–the live at home kid–is very easy to have. My brother is still home with my parents. He’s been in and out. He spent years not talking to my mom, but they’re better now. I mentioned this before, I know… I have enough experience to realize i have to head this off now and trying to do a lot of things my mom didn’t.

I’ve been threatened with a hammer and a vacuum cleaner tube. A friend of mine in high school’s brother stabbed her with a kitchen knife. Just saying–people pickup whatever’s around. A hammer can do a hell of a lot of damage to someone’s head–more than a gun depending on the distance.

If so we should all arm our cops and soldiers with hammers instead of guns.

That’s why they have batons.

PS: You realize that you are proposing that our cops take out bad guys by bludgeoning them to death and crushing their skulls.

I’m not sure that’s really a proposal you mean to be making.

People have real trouble grokking probabilities. I think it’s mentioned in “Thinking Fast and Slow” as well.

Not having a gun in the house doesn’t mean the son will for sure not have killed his mom. Nothing is for sure. You just have to ask yourself, will it be less likely? By how much?

I don’t think hammers are more lethal than guns. We don’t have cops and soldiers wielding hammers. We give them guns. Because guns are much better at killing people. If my kids pick up a hammer I just tell them to be careful. If they picked up a gun? Would people tell me with a straight face they are cool with that?

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Reducing :cut_of_meat: intakes, replacing with :fish: where possible, eat more vegetables and fruits would help a lot. Drink a lot of water, no soda or coffee or tea if possible.

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Yeahhhhh. Caffeine makes me jittery! I actively avoid it now if I’m going into a high-stress situation.

Walking or bicycling drunk is way less likely to kill someone than driving a car drunk. We should ban driving cars, since some drivers drive drunk and kill others.

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BART and Caltrain :sparkling_heart: you.

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