Thoughts on San Francisco


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" San Francisco’s system of housing review, which gives both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors discretion over housing approvals, is ripe for abuse.

In San Francisco, anyone—even non-residents—can ask the commission to take a second look at a development. It takes just a few hundred dollars and a claim of historical significance or environmental impact to stall a project*.***

Shit like this means nothing new will get built in SF (if ever) and will hasten the city’s demise.


But nonetheless, on Thursday, a short-handed Planning Commission rejected the project at 1010 Mission St. after an 11th-hour blitz from a half dozen South of Market nonprofit workers, who argued that the mostly market-rate housing — eight of the 57 condos would be below market rate — would be unaffordable and too small to accommodate local families.

“As developers seek to maximize profit and the market-driven cost of development continues to rise, developers are proposing and building smaller and smaller units to increase their returns,” said David Woo of the SoMa Pilipinas Filipino Cultural District. “This should not be the guiding force of city planning.”

The 3-2 vote to kill the development was unusual because the Planning Commission currently only has five active members, not its normal seven. One longtime planning commissioner, Rachael Tanner, is inactive because she is waiting for her reappointment to be confirmed by the Board of Supervisors. And another newly appointed member, Derek Braun, still has to be confirmed by the Board of Supervisors.

Sunset prices are going through the roof!

From my first to last day (2011-2018) of working in downtown SF, it was a basically ghost town after 7pm. Sometimes I go into the office during the weekend and the whole area was absolutely empty. Nothing was opened and nobody in the streets. They should’ve built ten of thousands of Resi units and made it a 24/7 area. Clearly the demand was there. Now they are stuck with all these empty buildings and out of control homelessness and crime.

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I won’t live long enough to see those 82,000 housing units built. But the rush too see who is the most progressive will be entertaining to watch. Neo liberal? Is the a liberal who isn’t woke? Or maybe one that is feed up with woke politicians? Build baby build or get out of the way. The progressives caused the homeless crisis. Let them decimate each other in the rush to judgement. They hate capitalism so much that they would rather have people live on the street than let a developer make a nickel.

Condos in DT :-1: Out of vogue because of WFH/ Hybrid trend.

Near colleges and tourists area are still good.

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As prices come down, people will buy, and that will help liven up SF