TIC Of A Sunset Inlaw?

Hmmm, very very interesting listing. Says RH-1. Yes, HOA has arrived in the Sunset. Well, @manch, your condo supply potentially just got even bigger…

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Some good general info about TIC and the prospects of condo conversion. Apparently the moratorium on condo conversion (currently a ridiculous 9 years) does not apply to 2 unit buildings and is a different route than lottery. Hmmm, interesting. Sure, many drawbacks to TICs but one could “own” instead of paying rent, right?


I don’t know much about TIC, just a general sense of avoiding them. Can people rent out their TIC units?

I don’t see why not, just all rent controlled like you said. It’s all good. Business is business.

Wait a sec. You mean each individual TIC unit is rent controlled? No, condos are NOT rent-controlled. Big difference.

Agreed, but again if the world is becoming rent controlled everywhere as you think, it is just a matter of time before every type of housing unit is. I am just saying renting is a business and you take the positives with the negatives and you make it work for you as best as you can. Rent control has been around in NY and SF for awhile now and both cities are still standing I believe and doing quite well despite of it.