Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

New show on Netflix!

The KonMari Method, as it is called, asks you to hold each possession and ask yourself whether it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and let it go.

This is a bit sick…

What??? I am following EXACTLY what @manch posted!!!


Jeff “God” Bezos
Net Worth: If you have to ask…

I am not sure silicone sparks joy…

Unfortunately, Dragonboy meant me…


Networth: Cha-ching!!!

It caught my eyes coz I am also a neat freak (but have been letting it go past 5 yrs). How do you like it?

I love the vertical folding technique… 2 more episodes to go.

I am a messy pig myself… :pig: can’t stand too neat a place.


Why not 35?

My understanding is that she is just pushing for downsizing in general. Hey, I have been on that kick for awhile now ever since my fav tenant of all time convinced me that was the way to go. She moved from a big house to one of my small studio apartments and felt invigorated. Smart and lovely older woman who traveled the world. Rich, older men could not keep up with her…

My toothbrush doesn’t spark joy. Think I’ll keep it anyway. Same for my nose hair trimmer.

haha, Are you Sherlock? You like solving all the puzzles.

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Stop for a week and you will feel a huge spark of joy using them again.

Words of wisdom; Chinese/Japanese fusion. This is why I come here.

Well she would thank him for his service first.