Tight race for the House?

Media is trying to scare people about the House election. 63 of the 69 seats are GOP reps defending, how can this be a tight race? Seems that Dems can sleep and still win the House

Kavanaugh and now the “Caravan” is going to help the Republican party this election. We’ll have to see by how much.


There are 2 house races that were considered toss-ups in the San Diego area. One was the 49th district, where Darrel Issa, a republican was retiring. Democrat Mike Levin holds a double digit lead in the polls.

The other distrct was considered a safe republican seat, but Duncan Hunter was indicted on 60 counts of fraud for misusing campaign funds. It was too late for them to change candidates so they are stuck with him. He may still win the election. He has a slim lead in the polls despite heavy advertising by the democrats. Even if he wins, he will be out when he gets convicted and a democrat will be appointed to take his place.

So California 2 house seats loss it seems.

Probably more than that but I don’t know the status of other races around the state. I definitely want them to win because the will protect my wife’s ability to get insurance.

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Who will protect your wife’s ability to get insurance?


Never underestimate the Democratic party’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This is a party which had probably 80% of the media and most of the world egging it on, a central bank printing money for it, and still it managed to lose the house, the senate, most governorship’s, most state legislatures, and finally the presidency. To Donald Trump.

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Trump has literally forced them to go insane. Recent events:

  1. Hillary was introduced as the “real President” and she nodded her approval of it
  2. Obama spent most of his speech in NV defending his presidency and taking credit for the current economy instead of endorsing the candidate he was there to support
  3. Maxine Waters (if you aren’t aware just google her name)
  4. Pelosi and Hillary both told democrats it’s time to be uncivil
  5. Former CNN employees have called the network’s bias into question
  6. A liberal editor published an article saying media companies shouldn’t allow employees to use social media, so they can better hide their liberal bias
  7. A recent study found 11/12 university administrators are liberal or very liberal.
  8. Keith Ellison vs how democrats treated Kavanaugh
  9. The dems obviously sat on then leaked the Ford allegations despite her wishes to keep it private
  10. The DNC called a socialist the future of the party
  11. Elizabeth Warren revealed the results of her DNA test which made her look idiotic

It’s amazing. Democrats are self-destructing. Meanwhile, there’s over 100,000 requests for tickets for the Trump/Cruz rally in Texas. Trump can still fill arenas around the country. Oh, Trump’s approval rating just hit a new high and is higher than Obama’s at the same point in their presidency.

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The Democrats will if they get control of one branch, either the Senate or the house.

That’s pretty fake news. The proposed republican plan included protections for pre-existing conditions. That’s one thing both parties agreed on doing.

Actually the pre-existing thing was fixed back in 1997 as part of HIPAA. Nobody can be refused insurance based on a pre-existing condition (and no one could prior to ACA) unless they allow their insurance to lapse for months or years, then get sick, and only then try to buy insurance. Of course any system that allows such a thing - whether public or private - will collapse as only sick people will apply on no healthy people will (why would they?). The minimal penalties in ACA for doing just that are one reason for the cost spiral we’ve seen. Getting rid of lifetime caps was another bonehead play.