Tintri goes from IPO to bankruptcy in little more than a year

Blue apron may be next.

I would also think that. And maybe some scooter startups soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Scooter startups will be bought out. So many buyers: uber google and maybe even car firms like GM.


Get rid of your NTNX… could be next.

google would not. uber and lyft already did buy. we’ll see.

NTNX could be the next one? really or kidding?

I have some Pure Storage. Glad to see one competitor bit the dust.

Storage is too clouded :slight_smile: Bound to have consolidation. Rising tide hide the naked swimmers. We’ll know who is swimming naked when the tide goes down.

NTNX is yet to make real money. They have been piling up losses. The market they are serving is shrinking. The only reason they are growing is they are eating away at EMC which hobbled VMW (VSAN product competitive with NTNX) so as not to eat into EMC and eating away at Netapp - Enterprise storage sales. But the enterprise is increasingly moving to cloud. So NTNX can only address legacy apps that are not moving to the cloud. The real growth in storage is with the hyperscalers that are building their own thing. At some point someone will take out NTNX or they will go bust as whatever market they can capture will be reached.


NTNX isn’t even a storage company. They are a software company.

Check how much revenue they get from selling storage appliances vs their storage management software. Their solution is to allow people to build scaleout storage. Their initial route to market was building appliances as enterprises prefer buying a box. They are now trying to get out of selling servers and just selling the software that allows the scaleout storage. However, their target market is enterprise data center for storage which is a shrinking market.


What I said they were going to do :slight_smile:

The HW revenue is already negligible though. The SW growth rate is awesome. Yes, they’ll need more SW products at some point, or they’ll saturate the market for the current ones. That’s true of every young company with very few products.


There is way too much competition with no differentiation.

Even worse than bitcoin.

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Darn unicorns, they never learn to fly, do they? :wink:

Bye bye nutanix

it’s playing out as I called last year.

It’s hard to tell how much is due to subscription model deferring revenue over years vs actual decline. I’d avoid it though