Tiny House in Redwood City

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This original 2 bedroom, 1 bath fixer-upper features an additional un-permitted bedroom and bathroom, plus bonus room.

I judge by lot size.

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OK, it’s me. I judge books by covers. Sue me.

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Actually most houses in SF have 2500 ft lot or smaller. Zero lot line that means touching both neighbors’ houses. Agents would write “BIG LOTS!!!” on the MLS for lots 3500 ft big. Pathetic. :smile:

This house is next to a body shop, it’s tiny, etc. It totally sucks.


This house came back and now contingent.


Finally sold.


I did almost as well a year ago. Way out in La honda, 610 sq ft and a sale price of 545. Not a fixer but so small the washer and dryer were on the deck and I would march naked into living room to get dressed in the morning because there was barely enough room to do that in the bedroom. The bathroom and kitchen were reasonable though. But no driveway. 14,500 sq ft lot though and shit-ripping views off the back deck (which turned to to be on county property but the buyer’s didn’t care - lots of encroachments in the area).

I looked at the Google Street View. Oh my…