TinyHomes/Manufactured home

Hello gurus,

I have an oversized lot in San Jose (~1 acre) and decent amount is lying barren. I was wondering if I can place a tiny home / manufactured home on the empty portion along the road, provide a separate access from the main home and rent it out? Can this be done? Seems the home can cost between 50-60K and can generate income of 1500-2000 per month. Thoughts?

Is it at all possible to sub-divide the lot and build on it? That’s a much longer process but the upside is much bigger. Not sure about the tiny home option. But done right those cottages/tiny homes can be quite attractive.

Which part of San Jose is it?

Thanks, this is in North San Jose- Berryessa area. Saw another relevant article in Mercury news, this is definitely gaining popularity-


Putting an in-law cottage can be quite profitable. I still think sub-dividing the lot is the most profitable way, but it’s also quite hairy - have to deal with lots of paperwork and stuff, and the lot has to be truly huge.

Share back any more information you find. I am intrigued. :slight_smile: