Today Market March 2022

Trust him? He is one of the reason why I held even though TA indicated sell in late Nov.

Anyhoo many stocks have bullish divergence :moneybag:

Any growth stocks that haven’t break below May 2021 low are too risky to own.
Probability of 10-20% price decline in one day is high.
For example, VEEV and SNOW.

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@hanera have you been buying or just waiting for 2021 lows to be breached?
I’ve stopped buying

Wait for Mar 16 Fed meeting.

VIX is hitting what should be a peak unless it goes all the way to 80. It only hits that when people think the world is ending. This is around the peak for “normal” issues.

13 :slight_smile:

Many growth stocks return all the gains from the Mar 2020 rally. So you didn’t miss anything if you haven’t bought the insane rally pumped by Fed printing. Apparently retail investors are still BTFD while institutions are STFR. Which group is wrong?

Market rallies hard because Apple Event :apple:

I have no idea where the market is headed (as if I ever did!). I’ve been DCA slowly my way through a sea of red for a while and will continue till strong signals arrive of recovery. What are y’all doing? Staying on the sidelines, selling off and stashing cash under the pillow, going all in? :slight_smile:

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What stocks are you scaling in?
I focus on metaverse, RBLX U MTTR and fintech COIN SE SQ SHOP

been nibbling…U and COIN

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So long you are not that unlucky to buy an insolvent company e.g. PTON.

I saw an article that said the market averages a 10% correction each year. We didn’t have one last year. They average 54 days before bottoming. We’re at 45 days now. The fear/greed index is extreme fear. As long as the Russia/Ukraine conflict goes expand then we should be near a bottom. I think the longer the conflict lasts the more likely Russia withdraws.


Nothing in particular - UPST, DOCN, ABNB, SHOP, TSLA. Kinda spreading my cash on growth stocks.

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Once Zelenskyy proclaimed affirmatively Ukraine won’t join NATO and that Donetsk and Lugansk are independent Republics, Russia will withdraw.

Fisherman would be happy… we know who is the fisherman.
Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 6.30.17 AM

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:pray: that Fed won’t screw up this rally.


Also have small amount in UPST ABNB TSLA. No DOCN.

:+1: I am heavily invested in these two :moneybag:

Barely had time to buy the dip.

Refi just hit the bank account yesterday afternoon.

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