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Market doesn’t care about the Iowa election . Btw Trump won

Tomorrow is like another mad bull day.

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Where are coronavirus scary stories…media says scary stories after market falls as if it is true reason but not !

Do not trust media analysts

What happened?

Happy days is over?

Surge in coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.


Almost sure is rotation. Yesterday dogs is rallying today, those rallied yesterday is dropping. Rotation is healthy.

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‘What concerns me most if you did have a downturn — we are now 11 years in expansion — whether that’s one, two, three years forward, with the larger polarity that exists, the wealth gap and the political gap. I would be more concerned about that.’

Meanwhile, Dalio, who’s made more money for his clients since 1975 than any other hedge fund, according to Bloomberg, plans to hedge risk at this point.

“When you don’t know, the best investment strategy is to be smartly diversified across geographic locations, across asset classes, and across currencies,” Dalio recently wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Is he expecting an economic slowdown or a bear market? And probably lasts up to three years?

China changed its methodology for counting new cases last week, and no longer includes those patients who test positive without showing symptoms…


…the virus’ incubation period can last up to 24 days…

Typo? Thought is 14 days.

Buying was again concentrated in mega-cap stock such as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), despite a lack of newsflow out of either company.

My cloud stocks hardly change.

Under one hypothetical scenario described by multiple officials, a household earning up to $200,000 could invest $10,000 of that income on a tax-free basis


If you’re self-employed and make decent money, you could shelter a lot of money with individual 401k.

Then you throw in an IRA and HSA. Mucho dinero in tax-advantaged space.

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Small caps next to go :rocket:?

Some internet companies, in particular, take the further step of reporting adjusted EBITDA, providing a glimpse of their earnings if they didn’t have to account for stock-based compensation. That’s a major expense in Silicon Valley, where equity is such a big recruiting tool and a way to pay founders and top executives.

Also reveal how well founders pay themselves. Even if the companies go insolvent or they got booted, they make a killing e.g. founders of Uber and wework.

So long the traders accept this kind of valuation, is good to go, see who can jump out fast when the tide subside. Nice :+1: game.

Or don’t use an IRA or 401k or HSA at all. Buy and hold an index fund. When you retire the gains will be taxed as long term cap gains - not ordinary income - and in the meantime, save dividends, it grows tax free.

Even though buy/hold may increase the value over a long term, Market is going through cycles and we can take advantage of some trades during the long term using tax advantageous avenue.

Every year, just 3%-5% upside over long term hold will provide huge difference at the end.

I hold some of the stocks, but buy through selling puts (hanera’s suggested) and selling covered call. Last week alone, after getting restricted options in tax advantaged account, I have earned appx 1% using such options. If it is taxable account, they are taxed. In Roth IRA, where small account, I earned 2% last week using covered call. These add additional earnings which are not taxed in tax advantaged account. I can easily earn 5% by making covered call/selling puts.

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If the bulk of your investment involves active trading than yes, IRA’s are the way to go.

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